Personal Power

Personal power is understanding creative consciousness and relating to the Greater Creative consciousness from which we come. It is understanding Creative Consciousness is the medium of the Whole, and that we are all parts of it.

The Power of the world is Creator consciousness, specific and true, manifesting life and everything good.  We too are creator consciousness, putting our thoughts into the Greater consciousness which manifests. Personal power is the actualization of our individual thoughts expressed. Our thoughts are then taken up by the Greater consciousness which manifests, producing for us our own specific vision and true thoughts.

The Greater consciousness working for us, works as It does, the absolute perfect power Creating. The essence of living life is the individual choice, will. And the opportunity to develop understanding knowledge as to the power of conscious thought. The Greater All is as it is, and so it is in our power to learn to articulate our thoughts and express them in productive ways in harmony with the whole Greater consciousness in which we live.

Developing our thought power as creative thinkers is the purpose we are embodied Life. Life allows for us to grow in understanding our union as the Greater power operating through us. To ultimately create perfect possibilities.

It is lack of awareness and our own uninformed thought which aggravating fear and binding, when we put fear and grievous thoughts into the Greater consciousness, we are essentially calling upon the chaotic energies of the world, producing trouble and hardship in our lives. The power that creates is symbiotic, allowing us to master our own reasoning power, activating perfect intention creating with ideal thought that inturn sustains our own ideal reality.

Note to my readers;

In support of all who face challenges in changing times, I have posted this article even though it similar to the following one, “The Future is Ours”. I have done so as an offering of greater clarity in what feels like urgent times. My hope is to encourage each person to knowingly understand the true nature of their own Divine Reason and willing intentions.

With Great Love,

Mendy Lou






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