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This page is full of content and I’d like to encourage you to scroll through in the hope that you will find information of interest and intrique that supports your personal course in life. I look forward to the possibilty of serving to guide you in furthering  your own greatest potential as you journey forward. You are a Blessed and uniquely gifted individual with talents and abilities unlike any other that belong to only you. You are an important part of Creation and there is Great Love here for.

Grace and Peace to you

the experience of having a reading

In welcoming you here,  I wish to express my gracious appreciation for that which brings us together. It is an honor to share with you the teachings that allow me to be of service in helping you to understanding that your Life and your journey are Divine in Nature. I am devout in my purpose and willing and wholly able to offer you the support you need in order to restore yourself to your true nature as a spiritual being living in a Greater Good.

Societal  beliefs and paradigm thinking cause a breach in understanding that can easily lead to a semi-subconscious practice of believing in powers of the world, circumstances and eventualities that cause it to seem as though vital and prosperous living are somehow beyond our reach. But like all people you possess an indwelling wisdom and inner truth which can lift you to unimaginable heights. You possess the conscious power and determinate will with which to excel beyond your wildest dreams. But to enter into the realm of  Abundant realization, wealth and prosperity you must be willing to shed all false beliefs. I am here to help you move past the notions and false beliefs that are getting in your way, beliefs that may well be preventing you from achieving your goals of happiness and fulfillment.

Within you lies indwelling wisdom that is Universal. You possess a discerning and determinate inner power which makes it possible for you to become fully awake and to consciously participate in the joyous reality that is your inherent reason for being. I am here to help you to call upon the good that you are, to recall the power of your own true nature and to help you direct your life force and creative imagination into that which serves the magnificent truth of your own being the One that you are. It is my job to help you to restore your understanding to the state of feeling wholly empowered on your individual path toward fulfillment. It is your own intelligent realization that will bring to you all good things in life.

We will look into the circumstances of your life for the purpose of determining that which serves to clarify the best of possibilities for your happiness. I am able to see how the circumstances and conditions are manifesting around you. I do not need for you to inform me or to coach me,  at the same time questions are always a welcome part of the process although I like to start with clearing and centering. From thereon I hope that you will be willing to relax and receive the guidance and information from On High as It comes through me and is delivered to you in support of your own greatest good.

I am a practitioner of Divine Counsel which means I commune with the Infinite Intelligence which present as Lofty Beings which I know as Divinity or The Elohim. They deliver information for you that is relevant to you regarding how your life is going as the querent. It is important for your success that you understand all circumstances are the consequences of your own beliefs, they are the fellowship of light connected by the Consciousness that is Source intelligence. The Elohim guide you reflecting back to you how your thinking is creating your reality gently supporting you in directing your thinking in effective way (as a co-Creator) enabling  changing your mind in areas where thinking is blocking and way. Right thinking will open doors.

Clear understanding of your magnetic Spirit power will ‘prosper you’ when you align your mind and thoughts in harmony with your own true nature as the One that you are. As a being aware of  the Spirit Power, you are able to awaken your own applicable  understanding and draw from your own Higher Consciousness and inner being the Power you have to achieve fullness, joy and immeasurable bounty.

The studies of Palm reading and Tarot reading are both disciplines which have taught me how to be ever more  present in my work. They have contributed to my ability to cypher information see in a more expansive and all encompassing way. I prefer not to use Tarot for the purpose of guiding others because the imagery tends to distract the querent with a sense of pageantry. The exceptions I make are for  mentoring those who are studying their symbology and I also do akashic readings that serve as a year long guide to rectifying one’s karma.

Palm reading is a thorough precise study that is useful for clarifying individual purpose and applicability. It serves as a nice enhancement for the aspiring thinkers who have a ready grasp on their own sense of Spiritual cause and effect. It is a great technical method for furthering one’s sense of self direction, one’s own sense of reasoning and for guidance toward success and fulfillment of one’s dreams and purpose; The hands show innate gifts. natural talents and specific characteristics including all aspects of personality of the individual who is being read. Your palms are a karmic maps which demonstrate evidence of the beliefs that you hold and the thoughts that you choose which shape the consequential experiences you have in this lifetime. Past life memory is an exquisite part of your soul reckoning and the hands offer insight as to how you are doing in relation to lessons of experience from previous lifetimes. They show me your tendencies and how your actions and methods of operation effect the conditions of your life, as well as how conditions/consequences have affected your personality.

Tarot can be a tricky avenue for the querent and I prefer to practice divining without the use of cards because most people do not have a realistic sense of  the Tarot. I will use them for mentoring those who are studying the symbolism of the cards. But as the cards do not possess knowledge or insight, they are a study in symbology and any reading can only be as good as the practitioner in their ability to interpret and cypher the meanings relative to the querent. What is import to the querent is a clear understanding and tarot can be a distraction.

There is much to know about the wonders of the true magic in life, the Mystical Truth of Divine Alchemy and the blessed nature of the life we live.

We are heading into a brilliant New World and we are living in a time of great change, I look forward to sharing  Knowledge and Truth of The Illumination’s Flame on the path of life.  Blessings to All.

In love,
Mendy Lou

Recent Events

I believe whole heartedly that the worldly occurrences are calling humanity to evolve, consciously, conscientiously and realistically. The earth is not self sustaining, people are not self sustaining all in the cosmos is sustained by the laws of energy that govern the universe and all human beings are equipped with discernment which empowers thoughtful, intelligent constructive idealisms and self directed aspirations. We are equipped with limitless intelligence that enables mindful idealisms and dreams with which to realize our own best way as well as a way that is conscientious and best for all the rest. 

It is important to realize and remember with account that every being is an extension of the Infinite Mind Creating for us that which we are willing to envision and accept.

If I were to pan a slogan it would be ‘Give your best and allow the rest’. It seems the evolution of human consciousness is challenged by the complacent thinkers who care for little but immediate indulgence and self satisfaction holding fast to a material/consuming ideology that life is for taking forgetting to appreciate The Supernatural Truth of being. It is easy to feel separate from The Infinite and disconnected from the Power that appreciates and multiply’s the phenomenal gift that Life is really.

Faith is simply a way of thinking. We are each powerful energy centers connected not to the world but to the Principle of Creation greater than all of us. The more one reveres the phenomenon of being sustained by non-physical source energy the more one is able to envision. I am not the first nor the only to believe that we have inexplicable power to imagine and to believe in great things and subsequently co-create. The Good of Life begins with living wakefully, in the consciousness of The Presence not taking any of Life’s moments for granted.

I am inspired by the events transpiring. This purging is a wake up call, a calling to alignment, a calling to Great Love. 

Hand Reading

When I came across an old publication of William Benham’s LAWS of SCIENTIFIC HAND READING,  50 some years ago  I felt like I had discovered a soulful companion and a certain treasure. I had an instant affininty for the subject as well as a compelling desire to know what secret power the doctrine held. The author was a Physician of the Victorian Period and his study of 40 years became a solid foundation for the development of my own expertise and capabilities.

In the western world during the Victorian era, Palm reading was considered a novelty and a mere parlor game. But even today the Science of Medicine refers to the hands for indicators of health and well-being. I have found much compatibility in the study of the Science of Hand Reading. My 50 years of devotion to the practice has precipitated an ability to associate much about the influences brought to bare upon the human character. My knowledge on the subject includes the studying thousands of hands and reading several books.

The art of Palmistry brings to light for the querent a reflective and personal study of wisdom accumulated throughout the individuals experiences. It reveals what one knows and needs to know about the nature of their own living spirit expressing in reality. Palmistry reveals much about how the individual path and direction is impacted by contrast and circumstances occurring throughout life. When reading hands I will see parental influence and community effects upon the basis of one’s character as well as the strengths and vulnerabilities of the personality. In the palm is evidence as to how one applies themselves in the world, beliefs and their sense of humanity, as well as delineating one’s intellectual and reasoning faculties. The logistic nature of Palmistry allows an adept practitioner to identify specific idiosyncracies in  mentality and the effect that they bring to the creative impetus and innovative character of the possessor. I endeavor to help one to identify with their individual directing of will and passion offering advice and guidance to strengthen one’s purpose. There are many specifics and influential effects of family, friends, conditions and experience which influence ones personal drive and direction while also effecting the outcome of experiences. My years of experience in the study allow me to offer a discerning perspective. I am able to see how you are perceiving and managing life giving me the opportunity to offer guidance and direction to help you in furthering greater fulfilling possibilities ahead.

As a Spiritual being and an advisor, mastery and discipline imbue my work providing me aspiration with which to guide others to a better understanding of the Science of Being.

It is my desire to contribute to the evolution of understanding for all humanity that we may fully realize our individual power as we journey together upon this Earth.

Palm Reading for me is a wonderful instrument for authentic character analysis. The practice enables me to help others to realize greater clarity regarding their own mission in life. The hand is a map of the soul which reveals individual purpose and characteristics relative to one’s own incarnate journey. My practice allows me to see psychological, intellectual and emotional elements which are at play in the person coming to me with inquiry. There is circumstantial evidence presenting in the hands to draw from which help one to help one realize certain advantages and/or impediments that are occurring along their way.

Palmistry, offers a clear understanding of promise that can be realized through the nature of ones own talent and ability. Each of us is given inherent gifts with which we may prosper and thrive. My hope is to help you to recognize your greatest expectations through the activity of your own self willing direction and to help you to feel empowered.

Knowledge is power, I truly believe each of us is gifted with a unique power and ability to know the purpose for which we came to be in the world.

To know oneself is to know one’s Power.

I have great hope that I may be of service,

Much love to you,


(505) 239-9824

The World is not broken

Things are changing on the Earthly plane, but rest assured and take comfort in knowing that all change serves The Greater Good. Change is Natures way to perfect, to transform and to align that which is earthly that all may function as part of the Divine order manifesting wondrous beauty and magnificence in Life. Such is the working process of Creation. And you Dear One belong to the Creative Process, you are a working trajectory of Creative Intelligence. There is nothing you can do about this elemental aspect of your being but to accept that you are here to learn to master your own aptitude as Co-Creator.

It is the time to let go of the old paradigm in order to reset in the minds of humankind the idea that all may realize an illuminated sense of purpose, a purpose that all may, and indeed are intended to be joined in. To begin with let us entertain the idea of bringing about Good awareness; That is to say, you must make the personal choice if you are to live in the conscious realm of mindful awareness and decide if you willingly elect to serve the conscious state of being a vital part of the whole creative process. As initiate of Divine Intelligence it is for you to recognize yourself as being an individual, mental, energy center connected to the Power that creates all things. It is this specific discernment that comprises purposeful thinking.

The entire human race lives in the juxtaposition of the changing paradigm. In choosing to recognize your true state of being a mental energy center living in The Mind of Creative Intelligence you enable your power as a Co-Creator. Voila’! Assume your identity as being One with The Creator and you set yourself up in the process of co-creating and subsequently engage in the manifesting of a New Age.

The Age of Transcendence is dawning, affording all beings of humanity the opportunity raise their inner consciousness up to a higher functioning… You are Creative Intelligence, living in the Kingdom of Divine mind, which designates your being an intrinsic and natural part of Co-Creation.

Let the apparent clamor and chaos in the world inspire you to renew your mind and cause you to direct your thoughts into a more expansive view, a heightened way of thinking, envisioning and imagining. Let the knowledge you hold of being All That Is empower your thinking, your active process and compel you to put to good use the Mystical nature of your Imagination. Trust that your imagination is the endowment of Creative Principle, try to understand your own imagination as the Cause of Creation in you. Train your imaginative mind to accept and even imagine that the Provider is working full time to bring about the New Paradigm as well as a Good Life for all. Assume your rightful awareness as part of The Divine Mind and imagine All is working out well and perfectly simply because you believe in the Power instilled in you and because you believe in your own state of being part of That Power. The noise is but a teacher guiding you to garner your sensibility enabling you to assume your right place, to live in the quietude of Creation and to know the potent Power your hold as a being of Creative Intelligence. Do your work, maintain your conscious practice of being present so that you may stay in contact with Reality, so that you may realize the power and rewards of knowing that you are connected to The Power that Creates worlds.

Take heart, allow the Good that you truly are to express and come forth through your own belief in Being All That Is. You are a Creative trajectory connected to the All Power living in the Kingdom of Divine Mind, you are an important part of the Creative Whole. Now is the time to bring forth expansive visions and boundless possibilities, to stir in mortal minds a sense of what can now be realized. You can ignite the quickening of Creative Principle by simply being present in your own conscious working allowing the Greater Consciousness to express through you. Accept that The Power works through you, in harmony with you and mind your loving appreciation.

A new paradigm inspires fresh outlooks and new ways of thinking; It brings the compelling of self direction as One seeks the means with which to express oneself. Transcendence is the nature of destiny, your own outlaid prophesy is that you enter into a wholesome realization which permits you to live with conscience in the mindset of Peace, Harmony and Joy, for this is the tonality of The Creator and of Creative occurrence. Be of Good heart, trouble not! You have signed on to be a part of the glorious changes that are now transpiring. Living in harmonic awareness with a peaceful mind sets you upon your path of fulfillment which in turn satisfies your purpose as the incarnate Soul. You have destined this for yourself. This is your opportunity to feel fulfilled in the realization of your own prophesy and purpose, a purpose that you come forth into the time/space continuum to realize.

With patient diligence you will reach your destiny of fulfillment. Accept that The Power sustaining you is taking you to where you need to be, is doing what needs to be done. Rest in your sense of comfort allowing yourself to know that All is Well because wellbeing is the nature of The Divine. Hold in awareness your truth of being Divine and take pleasure in what you have to offer. Proffer your gifts wholeheartedly as the One without a care or worry for you know that you are a Magical being living in the Mind’s eye of Miraculousness. Living in the vitality of the moment at ease provides you the means to align in ultimate awareness with the Divine mind so that you may exist presently in the currency of Creative Intelligence knowing that the Power of Creation is manifesting perfectly for you if only you choose to believe it is so. It is in the mental state of comfort and ease that you activate your ability to live in the present, in the moment of creative occurance; And to realize your power in becoming the finely tuned instrument of expression for the sake of consciously expressing the Goodness that you really and truly are. This is your purpose, you are a co-creator! Allowing yourself the grace of feeling ideal, at peace, in perfect harmony, is setting yourself as an effective, conducive and conscious part of ushering in the New Age, a Golden Age which is the now birthing new paradigm.

The common mind is conditioned to believe in societies ways, but society is not the Source manifesting. The Power of the Universe is Phenomenal and Miraculous just like you are. The Universe is wondrous and you are a wondrous part of It. The working Power is perfect, creating perfectly, giving you the uncommon opportunity to realize the part that you can play in Co-Creating if you will but clear your mind of negative beliefs, doubts and an doomsaying outlook of commonality and fear. Get free of the trouble in your mind and you become an avenue through which the Creator can actualize and manifest.

You are an imaginative, out picturing mental energy center connected to the omnipotent Mind of Creation. Being thus makes you a singularly unique individual outlet of Life’s expression. Imagine this, you are an intrinsically perfect vessel through which the Creator is seeking an outlet, seeking an avenue through which to manifest! Be That! Choose your own state of mind. Remember the prophesy ‘As you believe so shall it be’? In lay terms this means what you imagine and out picture the Creative Power actualizes.) Well then, let it register in your understanding that now is the time to clear your channel and to get on board with the changing paradigm. Open up, relax, allow The Good! Enter into the Grace of allowing yourself to see the Nature of That which is Good all around you. Learn to trust in the way The Universe works. Accept that you naturally exist at the very center of Creative Intelligence as a being of intelligence and that you are meant to understand your purpose of working with The Creator. You are a significant part of and a conduit for the Omnipotent Creative principle manifesting now.

You have ‘determinate will’ which is your own personal Power imbued in you that you may choose to enter into the realization of being present and working in conscious Presence with The Presence. You are able to willingly and consciously choose how you will be involved in your own process of imagining the Life you desire. You possess the opportunity to actively engage in imagining a Good and Natural way of being and to subsequently Co-Create the ideals that you hold…. Simply because you are connected to the Power that creates worlds.

Born Again

I’ve decided that “Born again” is really resurrecting one’s true identity. It requires nourishing the poor, confused little inner child consistantly enough for it to reach a healthy restoration of self awareness – being oneself.
The healthy little babe of the soul can feel boyant and whole and totally unconditioned. It can assume ‘all is well’ and remember that Life is magic….
I think the soul knows how it can trust in Divine Magic, rebirth to me is simply a lovely acceptance of one’s own true Spiritual nature.


Tarot is a study in the science of Hermetic principles (Universal Law) – based on a belief in a Greater Power Consciousness.  The Tarot is used as a tool for revealing informational guidelines as to how well you are navigating through the specific circumstance in your life. They work as a marker system which consists of symbolism used for directional guidance so as to show the way to maintaining mindful and  masterful consciousness. I use the Waite deck which is an in depth study of Divine Law relative to the contrasts that occur in societal beliefs. Their imagery and symbolism are based on Christian Orthodoxy (Biblical Doctrine). They work as a de-coding instrument which demonstrates how our intellectual/emotional development is effecting our Spiritual Awakening (or deafening). There is an uninformed belief surrounding Tarot Cards, that they are an un-Godly tool of some sort, however, the Tarot theosophy is actually founded in Christendom. A few keen examples of this would be; The Emperor as a depiction of the masculine Power of The God Head, Alpha, while the Empress is the feminine aspect of God, the Divine Mother, Omega. And then the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, a card which depicts the Book of Ezekiel from the Old Testament of the Bible, it exibits  the wheel inside of a wheel as seen by Ezekiel. The wheels where the devices of mobility for the four great living Spirits of God. Shown also on the card are the four faces that were upon each of the four individual Spirits,  the man, the eagle, the ox and the lion,  guardians of the four corners of Heaven.  The message of the card has to do with the way we invision the Power in our lives. The same faces are depicted in the book “Revelations” and re-appear in the deck on the card of  ‘The World’, which signifiies the Truth of total awareness, and the realization of Greater Consciousness, as in “Revelations” where the truth of the Knowledge of Spirit becomes the “gateway to the Golden City” also known as the kingdom of the Divine. Factuality involving the Tarot can only ever be the facts that you as the seeker possess regarding the knowledge of Spirit Power. The symbology and the random selection provide an oracle which applies itself to guiding you to better understanding how your life is actually working for you.

Exquisite Understanding

Lessons in Life… Teachings… Learning experiences.. It’s all the same. One lesson, One teacher, One learning experience. All experiences showing the way to understanding that you are in the Perfect moment in which you may choose what you will believe and then direct your belief into your own Great realization.

The answer and the means are One in the same and never deviates in principle; You are connected to the Power that creates worlds and You are here to realize how you can wield your own creative Power through the process of  identifying and claiming your own true nature and being as a manifest part of It. The Power that creates worlds creates all that is. You have the will with which to recognize that you are an individual conduit through which It may create for you all that you dream.

Best of Burque 2016

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Many Blessings and much love to All of you

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Clarity is personal Power

To have a clear picture in your mind of how life is working in the immediate moment in time, is the pathway to knowing the Power that you actually possess. You are an exclusive and unique individual and a brilliant facet of Creative Intelligence which is Universal. Your status of co-existing inside of and functioning as an individual part of the Universal intelligence causes all of your experiences to be unique to you.

Your greatest power is your discerning which enables you to realize that you are One with the overall Creative Power governing the Universe.

There is nothing and no one outside of any of you that is creating your everyday reality and experiences. All individuals are the embodiment of Creative Intelligence connected to the Greater Creative Intelligence which is manifesting all things. There is great power in recognizing  where you stand in creation, in realizing your own conductivity and learning to wield your personal power though direct association with the Living Spirit that is indwelling.

It is through the unification with The Living Spirit that one is empowered and able to catalyze their dreams and visions. The belief that comes with unity consciousness is what causes your dreams and desires to take shape in life. Dreams and visions are the medium of Universal Intelligence. One’s ability to rely on the Creator makes all good things possible. The imaginings of the mind and compelling aspirations are the working elements that necessarily activate the Creative Power within each and every individual. All beings come into the the physical to master the conscious assimilating process of creative intelligence and therefore co-create great experiences and events and to materialize wondrous richness in Life; For these are the rewards that come with Living consciously and mindfully aware in Creation.

There are no victims in life. There are only individuals imagining in accordance with beliefs and perceptions that cause the events and experiences they have.

So let us realize that all circumstances are providing evidence and insight as to one’s way of thinking and believing. Things in the world take shape in accordance with the principle of the Universe which is electro magnetic in nature and in essence is also the principle that works as the the law of attractions. A principle which never ceases it’s activity and therefore provides the endless possibility of attracting into your life all that you desire to experience. As a working part of  the Creative magnetic substance of Life we are automatically conjuring the circumstances that arise. Thought acts as a chrysalis  for the creative imaginings of the human mind and the resulting situations of our own thoughts, ideas and beliefs..

So then, the clear and aspiring mind is truly a creative conduit for the All Powerful Living Spirit and Heaven on earth is a personal choice.

Matthew 9;29 “According to your faith be it unto you.”