Regression Hypnotherapy

Regressive hypnotherapy is a splendid way of removing blocks from your creative thinking process, enabling self realization. It helps to restore a clearer sense purpose to your life, revitalizing the power of your subconscious/creative mind and empowering the focus you need to be true to your reasons for coming forth into this lifetime.

The practice of hypnotherapy regression is an intensive that takes you to memories that are interfering with your wellbeing, conditioned thinking which can be corrected allowing your authenticity to be reborn.

I like to focus on Current life/inner child regression to begin with since this is the life you are living. Current life regression helps you to set you mind and focus to realizing your power and how to use it by removing blocks cause by trauma or simply conditioned programing. Once you realize the expansiveness of your subconscious mind it enables you to realize your own unlimited power in Life.

I also practice Past Life Regression technique… We will get to that as your interest is fortified though the realization of your own Infinite purpose and power.

This is an auspicious undertaking. It is for you. My purpose in practicing Regression Hypnotherapy is to help to inspire you as the client to realize your own best self and to support you as you enter into the realization of your own best life.

Many Blessings and Much Love

for Regression hypnotherapy I have a set rate of $80