Fees & Rates – gift certificates

My fee for Divine Counsel is a guideline it is not a hard rule, I aspire to serve individual well being first and foremost.

The guideline is $45 an hour

The purpose of my work is to enable each individual to a clear understanding as to how best to navigate their own circumstances in life. I respect that everyones journey in life is complex and that Life has it’s challenges. Although I do not have any expectations, my desire is to genuinely serve you in realizing your own greatest good. In fairness to you I suggest that you consider giving yourself enough time to get clear and realize what you need to go forth in confidence. I recommend that you give yourself at least an hour. It is my desire to help you to get comfortable and to realize your own power and certainty going forward.

The work that we will do together not superficial it is soulful and deep offering you a better, more resonating outlook on life.

I will always do the best I can with what ever you have to give. I view any and all sincere exchanges as blessings

Cash, Credit Cards and checks are all blessed means of exchange, thank you.

My deepest appreciations, and Many Blessings to you

Mendy Lou

Serving the Wisdom of Life


Regression Hypnotherapy is a set rate – $80 a session