About me

mendylouHello and welcome to my space

I am Mendy Lou Blackburn, and I am an Intuitive, Spiritual advisor. My work supports the individual and personal understanding that each of us is a Spirit being following our individual course in Life.  I use my gifts of insight as an instrument for guiding others in order that I may help you to clear the way and enable you to realize your own true Power in Life; Power which guantees success and fulfillment.

The nature of my work is a ministry in which I serve as a mediator and conduit for Divine Counsel. I have a basic and principled understanding that I am connected in Spirit to Spirit and I serve the One Whole complete Power of Life, that Power from which we have all come. I am instructed and informed by the Greater Consciousness who I recognize to be The Spirit of Divinity. Divinity guides me and speaks through me enabling me to guide you. I speak personally as one who knows that the only true and working consciousness is One of Love and Appreciation.  My hope in your behalf is that I may genuinely and sincerely offer support, understanding and where applicable, guidance to help and empower you to restore and/or use effectively your conscious awareness on your journey, and your pursuit through life.

My gifts are an innate part of who I am and my living reality. I have been listening to Divine Counsel, those who are Celestial Spirit Guardians and beings of God my whole life. These beings are sentients who serve the Most High, they enable me to deliver truth and only truth in behalf of All.

I am a humble servant of good conscience. I am not religious per se but I am wholly faithful and I willingly abide in the consciousness of the Lord, or if you like the Living Spirit Almighty.

My studies and practices include mastery of  the analytical Science of Palm Reading and the in depth study of the symbology of the Tarot. The study of these techniques served as teachers and disciplines empowering my own developmental nature. My basic educational study fields are science and philosophy.

I am a master of Divine Counsel able to offer unwavering clarity and discernment that serves the purpose of guiding and directing the sincere minded forward on their own path in life.

Palm reading is a study of human character, much like cartography or spatial map reading. The map of the hands reflects the journey of the individual soul over many lifetimes and it is an invaluable resource.  Tarot is a study of the Hermetic Principles of  Universal Law/Divine Principle/.  Universal Law is the working  basis of our existence in the world of form and Tarot is a study of the contrast between of human principles and Divine Law which we have come to face in our incarnations; Both studies are useful in understanding the purpose of embodiment and self mastery in the physical realm.  Both have been significant building blocks underlying my own fundamental principle as a practitioner in the Ancient Art of Divine Counsel.

I have practiced for more than 50 years. I no longer lay Tarot card out on the table for reading people unless it is for the specific purpose of mentoring the student who is studying the Tarot or doing a year long, Akashic outline to help one navigate throughout the year ahead. The reason I limit my use of card reading is because firstly I don’t need them, and secondly the pictures on the ‘cards’ tends to stir emotions and superstitions which get in the way and block deeper understanding resonance in the seeker.

I do readings in person, in a private, loving environment and I do them on the phone. Please feel encourged to call me anytime.


I am in Albuquerque, N.M.

216 10th St S.W. 87102

My sincere thanks for your interest in my work and for visiting my page.

Many Blessings and Much love to you,

Mendy Lou