I believe whole heartedly that the worldly occurrences are calling humanity to evolve, consciously, conscientiously and realistically. The earth is not self sustaining, people are not self sustaining all in the cosmos is sustained by the laws of energy that govern the universe and all human beings are equipped with discernment which empowers thoughtful, intelligent constructive idealisms and self directed aspirations. We are equipped with limitless intelligence that enables mindful idealisms and dreams with which to realize our own best way as well as a way that is conscientious and best for all the rest. 

It is important to realize and remember with account that every being is an extension of the Infinite Mind Creating for us that which we are willing to envision and accept.

If I were to pan a slogan it would be ‘Give your best and allow the rest’. It seems the evolution of human consciousness is challenged by the complacent thinkers who care for little but immediate indulgence and self satisfaction holding fast to a material/consuming ideology that life is for taking forgetting to appreciate The Supernatural Truth of being. It is easy to feel separate from The Infinite and disconnected from the Power that appreciates and multiply’s the phenomenal gift that Life is really.

Faith is simply a way of thinking. We are each powerful energy centers connected not to the world but to the Principle of Creation greater than all of us. The more one reveres the phenomenon of being sustained by non-physical source energy the more one is able to envision. I am not the first nor the only to believe that we have inexplicable power to imagine and to believe in great things and subsequently co-create. The Good of Life begins with living wakefully, in the consciousness of The Presence not taking any of Life’s moments for granted.

I am inspired by the events transpiring. This purging is a wake up call, a calling to alignment, a calling to Great Love.