Fees & Rates – gift certificates

My fees are guidlines, I aspire to serve individual well being first and foremost

In general the rate is;

75 cents a minute…which works out as folows:

$15 for 20 minutes

$30  for 40 minutes and

$45 for an hour

The purpose of my work is to enable each individual to a clear understanding as to how best to navigate their own circumstances in life. I respect that everones journey in life is complex and often challenging. Although I do not have any expectations, my desire is to genuinely serve your greatest good, so in fairness to you I would like to suggest that Twenty minutes is a minimal amount of time in which to empower your understanding.  If giving a gift certificate I ask that you try to do a minimum of $30 for a forty minute reading if possible, in appreciation for the depth of work that I do and to ably provide sufficient time to address all the individuals needs. I will always do the best I can with what ever you have to give, any amount of time is a blessing.

My rates low so as to make myself more available and better serve in loving understanding

Credit Cards and checks are welcome

Much Thanks and Many Blessings to you

Mendy Lou

Serving the Wisdom of Life



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