Celestial Wisdom

Beneath all the noisy talk and crowded beliefs in the World surrounding the ideas of ‘Ascention’ and ‘Rapture’  lies the brilliant Truth. We are all Transcendant beings who came to this world for our individual purpose of self actualizating as Spirit.  Wisdom is the knowledge of the Truth of Life that each of us is, each of us is a part of the promise belonging to, of and in the expanding Consciousness. We are becoming our greatest potential, that of Total Awareness.

Heaven is truly at hand, now, breath in deep the knowing that you are a Heavenly being.



The soul in her perception,
struggles to know her own beauty,
until she remembers love within,
until she forgives all hardships,
when then she is reborn as love,
in love with All

The Presence…. is you

That which is Power

sustaining Life

Dwells within the heart 

unconditional, unlimited

The Purpose is left to your determination





the experience of having a reading

In welcoming you here,  I wish to express my gracious appreciation for that which brings us together. It is an honor to share with you the teachings that allow me to be of service in helping you to understanding that your Life and your journey are Divine in Nature. I am devout in my purpose and willing and wholly able to offer you the support you need in order to restore yourself to your true nature as a spiritual being living in a Greater Good.

Societal  beliefs and paradigm thinking cause a breach in understanding that can easily lead to a semi-subconscious practice of believing in powers of the world and circumstances and eventualities that seem to be beyond our reach. But like all people you possess an indwelling wisdom and inner truth which can lift you to unimaginable heights. You possess the conscious power with which to excel beyond your wildest dreams. But to enter into the realm of  Abundant realization, wealth and prosperity you must be willing to shed all false beliefs. I am here to help you move past the notion and false beliefs that are getting in your way, beliefs that may well be preventing you from achieving your goals of happiness and fulfillment.

Within you lies indwelling wisdom that is Universal. You possess a discerning and determinate inner truth which makes it possible for you to become fully awake and to consciously participate in the joyous reality that is your inherent reason for being. I am here to help you to call upon the good that you are, to recall the power of your own true nature and to help you direct your life force into that which serves the magnificent truth of your own being the One that you are. It is my job to help you to restore your understanding to the state of feeling wholly empowered on your individual path toward fulfillment. It is your own intelligent realization that will bring to you all good things in life.

We will look into the circumstances of your life for the purpose of determining that which serves to clarify the best of possibilities for your happiness. I am able to see how the circumstances and conditions are manifesting around you. I will not need for you to inform me or to coach me, I hope that you will be willing to relax and receive the guidance and information from On High as It comes through me and is delivered to you for your own discerning and support,

I am a practitioner of Divine Counsel which means I commune with the Intelligence of Lofty Beings – The Elohim. They deliver information for you that is relevant to you regarding how your life is going as the querent. It is important for your success that you understand all circumstances are the consequences of your own beliefs, they are not the source nor are they your supply. The Elohim guide you by reflecting back to you how you’re thinking is creating your reality and how changing your mind and way of thinking can change your world and circumstances in Life.

Clear understanding of your magnetic Spirit power will ‘prosper you’ when you align your mind and thoughts in harmony with your own true nature. As a being of Spirit Power you are able to awaken your own applicable  understanding of draw from your own Higher Consciousness the Power you have to achieve Greatness.

The studies of Palm reading and Tarot reading are both personal disciplines which have taught me how to be ever more  present in my work. They have contributed to my ability to cypher information see in a more expansive and all encompassing way. I prefer not to use Tarot for the purpose of guiding others because the imagery tends to distract the querent with a sense of pageantry. The exception I make is when I use the Tarot to mentor those who are studying their symbology.

Palm reading is a thorough precise study that is useful for clarifying individual purpose and applicability. It serves as a nice enhancement for the more elevated thinkers who have a ready grasp on their own sense of Spirituality. It is a great technical method for furthering one’s sense of self direction, one’s own sense of reasoning and for guidance toward success and fulfillment of one’s dreams and purpose;. The hands show innate gifts. natural talents and specific characteristics of the individual who is being read. Your palms are a karmic maps which demonstrate evidence of the beliefs that you hold which shape the consequences occurring in this lifetime as well as in previous lifetimes. They show me your tendencies and how your actions and methods of operation effect the conditions of your life, as well as how conditions/consequences have affected your personality.

Tarot can be a tricky avenue for the querent and I prefer to practice divining without the use of cards because most people do not have a realistic sense of  the Tarot. I will use them for mentoring those who are studying the symbolism of the cards. But as the car do not possess knowledge or insight, they are a study in symbology and any reading can only be as good as the practitioner in their ability to interpret and cypher the meanings relative to the querent.

There is much to know about the wonders of the true magic in life, the Mystical Truth of Divine Alchemy and the blessed nature of the life we live.

We are heading into a brilliant New World and we are living in a time of great change, I look forward to sharing  Knowledge and Truth of The Illumination’s Flame on the path of life.  Blessings to All.

In love,
Mendy Lou

love is…

…Divine Understanding


clear understanding of how life energy is materializing

Personal Power

Personal power is understanding one’s creative consciousness and relating to the Greater Creative consciousness from which we come. Creative Consciousness is the medium of the Whole and we are each individual parts of it.

The Power manifesting all things in the world is Creative Intelligence, specific and true, manifesting life and everything good. Each of us is an extension of It’s Power; Individual, mental energy centers of Creator consciousness endowed with the personal power of determinate will which is also the power of discerning. Our thought transmissions are taken up by the Greater consciousness which manifests, producing for us our own specific visions, beliefs and thoughtful ideas.

The Greater consciousness working for us, works as It does, the absolute perfect power Creating all things through the activity of  It’s own Law of Good. The live’s we lead depend on our individual choices and beliefs. When we choose ideas that align with the Law of Good manifesting in the world we gain understanding that life is a brilliant opportunity to put our personal knowledge to work and fulfill our purpose of co-Creating.

Developing one’s ability to direct one’s personal thought as a creative thinker is the purpose for which we have come to embodiment. Life embodied is meant to teach us the understanding of how to co-create through our unification with the Greater Power. The Omnipotent has brought every one of us into the world so that we may understand how to live as a vessel and outlet of the Good manifesting. To ultimately create perfect possibilities.

It is lack of awareness and binding fears that put us at odds with the Good Life we came here to experience. When one puts fear and grievous thoughts into the Greater consciousness, one is essentially calling upon the chaotic energies of the world, attracting trouble and hardship in our lives. The Creative Intelligence is symbiotic, allowing each of us to master our own reasoning power/determination. We can and are truly meant to perfect and direct our personal intentions toward creating an ideal reality. The necessary ingredient is to use one’s optimal idealism in imagining perfect possibilities.

Note to my readers;

In support of all who face challenges in changing times, I have posted this article even though it similar to the following one, “The Future is Ours”. I have done so as an offering of greater clarity in what feels like urgent times. My hope is to encourage each person to knowingly understand the true nature of their own Divine Reason and willing intentions.

With Great Love,

Mendy Lou

The Future is Ours

All is unfolding as we think.

Each of us is a wondrous part of the manifesting consciousness which creates all things. Our individual thoughts are manifesting our personal circumstances.  Every person is the individual imagined being brought forth from the causal Mind of Creation. In that image, we too are creating in our own causal minds. Our thoughts manifest ideally when in alignment with the magnificent laws of Creation. We are what we choose to believe, experiencing what we imagine.

Beneath the surface intelligence is the subconscious, reflective mind that stores our memories. Memories which have been impressed upon the soul throughout life times and eons, memories which are meant to teach us about a Greater Good. Our feelings of desire also reside in the subconscious, compelling a reactive response to life’s conditions and circumstances.

With or without a clear conscience, emotional feeling in us is compelling expressive thought which in turn manifests on the screen of space taking shape in one’s personal life. The projector of our imagination taking shape is motivated and actualized by our feelings and beliefs. Our feelings are a part of the subconsciousness intellect which creates. Feelings cause the Greater power manifesting for us to manifest that which we believe and imagine. The philosopher Rene Descartes stated “I think therefore I am”, which is the very idea perceived as a fundamental basis of all personal  knowledge. I declare This is the Law of Creation! To further support this understanding of the power of reverent Thought and resonate feelings in thinking is the teaching of Jesus who said “as you believe so it shall be done unto you”.

The  more information we have about the working of the Universal Power in relation to the part that we play in the Greater scheme of things the better we become at discerning what The Truth is. It is in our expressing the Truth that we server the Creative Intelligence. Our individual discerning empowers us and enables us to consciously contribute momentum to the creative Power working through us. Personal will power (discerning) sets us up with the ability to work in correlation with the Creative power governing and manifesting throughout the Universe.

The Genesis of this World, began well before humanity came to walk upon it. It seems evident that being a part of Creation serves a greater. There is great purpose of knowing oneself for the sake of evolving one’s thinking mind so that one may master one’s own consciousness and come willingly to serve the Greater purpose of Creation.  Evolving our own personal reason in harmony and conjunction with the Greater consciousness opens doors to understanding the eminent nature of Divine intent.  We have the power to choose our thoughts and to select the ideas which resonate with working of The Universal substance which is in essence the Divine Mind creating perfectly all that is.

Let us realize that there is a Power Greater than we are and that we are each individual reflections of That Greater consciousness which is creating ‘for’ us, through us and ultimately in harmony with our own way of thinking. Our’s is a path of illuminated thought and each is illumined by the Power that is Greater than us, let’s call It Source energy. You, like all other beings chose to come forth into the physical realm for the sake of co-creating a delicious and splendid experience . The more perfectly we know ourselves as part of the All Knowing perfect power of Creation, the better we understand how to  perfect our World as co-creators. It is a matter of what consciousness we choose to serve.

It is left to us to perfect ourselves, to realize that the Whole consciousness simply operates as it does.  It is Good and our reliance on it is all powerful and understanding this is our ultimate purpose in life.

Cause and Effect… The Greater Power of Creation is the causal back of all in life, sustaining and manifesting all. Our insight and resonate understanding of  how It works is our own individual cause of effect creating the consequences that we come to experience.  Such are the teachings of Greater awareness that have been delivered to us through the ages. Life is providing us the opportunity to realize the optimal experience; All is a personal choice.

We are each a part of the Whole, Greater reason in Life. The lesson upon us is the mastery of our individual reason enabling us to direct thoughts with Divine awareness into the greater whole. Or….

Suffer the pain of consequences that come from not relating in awareness to the totality governing all.  If we stay trapped in subjugated emotional bindings we block our own greatest potential and we run the risk of not recognizing the Power we really have.

We embark upon a new Era unlike any other. We are entering a truly ‘Golden Age’ in this Genesis of the world as humanity. The “Great Awakening” is upon us. As a race we stand on the threshold of a dawning paradise which has been prophesied since the beginning of humankind. Each being and every being is part of the unfolding of miraculousness.

Knowledge of  the Universal Law of Good is personified in each individual as the Tree of Life imbuing us with the Power to flourish. You have the power to choose to stand up as a ‘pillar of wisdom’ in applicable understanding in the Temple of your own existence now. Your Partnership in Truth revealing the secrets of Creation is your own choice. The perfect destiny will be revealed to your through your practice of indwelling. You can trust that the Universe is Divinely Ordered and It is waiting for your participation and faith.

May your Knowledge of the Highest Good always be the light that guides you.

Much love to all,

Mendy Lou                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Spiritual Scientist

Hand Reading

When I came across an old publication of William Benham’s LAWS of SCIENTIFIC HAND READING,  50 some years ago  I felt like I had discovered a soulful companion and a certain treasure. I had an instant affininty for the subject as well as a compelling desire to know what secret power the doctrine held. The author was a Physician of the Victorian Period and his study of 40 years became a solid foundation for the development of my own expertise and capabilities.

In the western world during the Victorian era, Palm reading was considered a novelty and a mere parlor game. But even today the Science of Medicine refers to the hands for indicators of health and well-being. I have found much compatibility in the study of the Science of Hand Reading. My 50 years of devotion to the practice has precipitated an ability to associate much about the influences brought to bare upon the human character. My knowledge on the subject includes the studying thousands of hands and reading several books.

The art of Palmistry brings to light for the querent a reflective and personal study of wisdom accumulated throughout the individuals experiences. It reveals what one knows and needs to know about the nature of their own living spirit expressing in reality. Palmistry reveals much about how the individual path and direction is impacted by contrast and circumstances occurring throughout life. When reading hands I will see parental influence and community effects upon the basis of one’s character as well as the strengths and vulnerabilities of the personality. In the palm is evidence as to how one applies themselves in the world, beliefs and their sense of humanity, as well as delineating one’s intellectual and reasoning faculties. The logistic nature of Palmistry allows an adept practitioner to identify specific idiosyncracies in  mentality and the effect that they bring to the creative impetus and innovative character of the possessor. I endeavor to help one to identify with their individual directing of will and passion offering advice and guidance to strengthen one’s purpose. There are many specifics and influential effects of family, friends, conditions and experience which influence ones personal drive and direction while also effecting the outcome of experiences. My years of experience in the study allow me to offer a discerning perspective. I am able to see how you are perceiving and managing life giving me the opportunity to offer guidance and direction to help you in furthering greater fulfilling possibilities ahead.

As a Spiritual being and an advisor, mastery and discipline imbue my work providing me aspiration with which to guide others to a better understanding of the Science of Being.

It is my desire to contribute to the evolution of understanding for all humanity that we may fully realize our individual power as we journey together upon this Earth.

Palm Reading for me is a wonderful instrument for authentic character analysis. The practice enables me to help others to realize greater clarity regarding their own mission in life. The hand is a map of the soul which reveals individual purpose and characteristics relative to one’s own incarnate journey. My practice allows me to see psychological, intellectual and emotional elements which are at play in the person coming to me with inquiry. There is circumstantial evidence presenting in the hands to draw from which help one to help one realize certain advantages and/or impediments that are occurring along their way.

Palmistry, offers a clear understanding of promise that can be realized through the nature of ones own talent and ability. Each of us is given inherent gifts with which we may prosper and thrive. My hope is to help you to recognize your greatest expectations through the activity of your own self willing direction and to help you to feel empowered.

Knowledge is power, I truly believe each of us is gifted with a unique power and ability to know the purpose for which we came to be in the world.

To know oneself is to know one’s Power.

I have great hope that I may be of service,

Much love to you,


(505) 239-9824

Urgent Times

Whether apparent or not,  we are all perceptive, experiencing all kinds of subtle  inklings such as the ones that leave you saying , “I knew you were going to call” or “I was just thinking about you”…. The way I see it, we are often subject to much more noise than one might realize. We are bombarded by all kinds of junk bouncing around in the astral plane, bumping into our astral bodies, affecting our psyche and filling our heads with random thoughts. Most of us are unaware of any vulnerabilities, yet suddenly we become anxious or agitated, worried about something outside the already present field of focus, as if  thoughts or ideas invaded the mind, causing  the mind to own them, to respond, creating interaction between our minds and the energetics of the astral plane. Psychic interplay, staged on the astral plane of existence.

We are all equipped with an astral body which enables our spiritual consciousness to evolve by navigating the astral plane, which is one of the spiritual planes of existence co-existent in the greater consciousness.  The astral plane is like the Autobahn of cosmic consciousness, a clearing house of sorts, where we voice and air our thoughts and opinions, opening outwardly onto the thoroughfare of human reason, propelling our thought into the astral plane. With some of our thoughts we also create a specific destiny, such as when thinking of a particular individual. Some thoughts are just random opinions without any specific person in mind, which we release into the greater reality while  meandering in our minds, unaware that those thoughts take energetic form in the astral plane, energetically co-mingling… 

The more we visit a certain train of thought the more energy that is amassed in the astral plane, that mass of consciousness attaching itself to the amassed consciousness of others, whether to an individual or a collective consciousness of like minded thinkers, (those who have left their thoughts floating around out there). If the ideas are illuminating the collective consciousness is illuminating, if they are dense it is obstructive, if dark it would be oppressive, energy attracts energy.  

We are energetic, magnetic beings, emanating energetic signals and attracting to us what we will in our conscious minds. For example, think of Randy and Randy thinks of you. Willing thoughts will find a home in the minds of others that afford them accommodation, attaching to that which encourages it and then interacting, or tangling with the amassed bodies of thought in the astral plane, like magnets collecting magnetic elements.

So there you have it, we collect junk from astral plane. Unaware. Not always knowing if  it is right or wrong, attracting with our perceptive minds not discerning the wisdom or truth,  often listening with our vulnerabilities. Right now people believe in unseen catastrophes unfolding in the Greater reality, leaving us on the brink of inevitable doom and destruction of all kinds. Unwittingly, we could easily jump aboard a runaway vehicle of destructive mentality,  further polluting the astral plane. The pollution being our fears and anxieties of powerlessness, and perhaps prejudice and ignorance.

We are left with problems that are not entirely of our making (or so it seems), and we lack the power to understand what we can or should do about this worrisome universe we find ourselves to be a part of.

What makes us individual in the cosmic reality of greater consciousness is our will. Our will is our identity, our character and our power.

All of the negative energy and prognostications out there coupled with the fear imposed upon us by society’s doctrines are indeed a formula for disaster.

So, let us look at urgency here… It looks like their may be an urgent need to master a Greater understanding of what Cosmic integration really is and what it means to master one’s power to affect the Greater Reality starting with your own … belief. 

Perhaps if it is possible to be objective in our understanding of divine reality. We could exercise the power to deflect negative thoughts that collide with our astral bodies. Protect ourselves from the fears born of ignorance, such as those that negate the divine reality.

I believe there is an urgency to direct our goodwill into the astral plane consciously remembering that we too are a part of mystical phenomenon.

Let’s take responsibility for our thoughts, let’s create positive ideal, resolute ways of thinking. 

I believe the essence of All existence is Inspired and Creation is an ideal reality. I also believe we are a part of the miraculous phenomenon that is the source of all things, the Divine and ever expansive reality we call the Greater Consciousness and our responsibility is to master our own greater understanding. To be in  harmony with the creative All which includes all of us, and to integrate into the cosmic body that is the Universal Consciousness .

I Think there is a tremendous urgency to understand exactly what we are intended to do with our life force in this Infinite Universe. How could we be anything less than an intricate part of the Infinite reality? Look around at the miraculous, reflect upon the portent of Creation and of creative consciousness. And, realize the power to Be.

May all be blessed with creative ideas and inspired dreams. My hope is that each and every person realize the truth of the Universal Mind,

Love and Blessings,

Mendy Lou