To have a clear picture in your mind of how life is working in the immediate moment in time, is the pathway to knowing the Power that you actually possess. You are an exclusive and unique individual and a brilliant facet of Creative Intelligence which is Universal. Your status of co-existing inside of and functioning as an individual part of the Universal intelligence causes all of your experiences to be unique to you.

Your greatest power is your discerning which enables you to realize that you are One with the overall Creative Power governing the Universe.

There is nothing and no one outside of any of you that is creating your everyday reality and experiences. All individuals are the embodiment of Creative Intelligence connected to the Greater Creative Intelligence which is manifesting all things. There is great power in recognizing  where you stand in creation, in realizing your own conductivity and learning to wield your personal power though direct association with the Living Spirit that is indwelling.

It is through the unification with The Living Spirit that one is empowered and able to catalyze their dreams and visions. The belief that comes with unity consciousness is what causes your dreams and desires to take shape in life. Dreams and visions are the medium of Universal Intelligence. One’s ability to rely on the Creator makes all good things possible. The imaginings of the mind and compelling aspirations are the working elements that necessarily activate the Creative Power within each and every individual. All beings come into the the physical to master the conscious assimilating process of creative intelligence and therefore co-create great experiences and events and to materialize wondrous richness in Life; For these are the rewards that come with Living consciously and mindfully aware in Creation.

There are no victims in life. There are only individuals imagining in accordance with beliefs and perceptions that cause the events and experiences they have.

So let us realize that all circumstances are providing evidence and insight as to one’s way of thinking and believing. Things in the world take shape in accordance with the principle of the Universe which is electro magnetic in nature and in essence is also the principle that works as the the law of attractions. A principle which never ceases it’s activity and therefore provides the endless possibility of attracting into your life all that you desire to experience. As a working part of  the Creative magnetic substance of Life we are automatically conjuring the circumstances that arise. Thought acts as a chrysalis  for the creative imaginings of the human mind and the resulting situations of our own thoughts, ideas and beliefs..

So then, the clear and aspiring mind is truly a creative conduit for the All Powerful Living Spirit and Heaven on earth is a personal choice.

Matthew 9;29 “According to your faith be it unto you.”