On the journey in life through the world of form where the shadow darkness looms, there is but one purpose. That purpose is to bring the Light . It is our destiny to recall to our awareness the Almighty Power in Life so that we may use It to bring forth our true nature and fully realize in totality the One that we really are. We have come forth into Life to understand the significance of power of the Mind  and to master our own thinking process so that we may deem the truth of That which is the Infinite Power upon which we can rely. It is our conscious awareness of the Living Spirit within that makes it possible for us to use knowledge in  constructive and idealistic ways. In exercising our ability to rely on Spirit Power we can consciously at will bring The Light to any shadows  in the mind and use It to cast out any and all doubts or tremblings that might weigh upon heart.

Let us not be thoughtless as to the Power in All, but grateful in appreciation  for our ability and capacity to wield It as our own.