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Note to my Readers; current guidance is to be found at the bottom of the page, the last comment is the most current advice.

We are facing exciting times as Powerful Beings. As fantastic as it may seem, reality is that we exist in the atmosphere of Cosmic substance, we are the manifestation of Cosmic energy and we are continuously being informed by That which is Infinite Intelligence. At the same time each of us is Blessed with our own All Powerful All inclusive determinate will. The decisive power of free willing determination is our own complete and specific power with which we choose our thoughts. Choosing our thoughts and that which we believe is the activity that create for us our individual experiences. It is the personal power of determinate counsel which makes it possible for us to realize our own complete purpose and reason for being. As the One connected to the Creative Power of the Universe each of us has come to the incarnate world to master our own ability to choose thoughts and ideas that ultimately enable us to consciously draw all the Power we need  from On High. Everyone comes to the world to live in abundant good and to thrive in Spiritual awareness; All beings are here realize the truth of One’s own innate Creative Intelligence and to master an applicable understanding and therefor live the intended life of fulfillment.

My hope for this blog is to inspire others and to help to ready hearts in the changing paradigm that they may embrace the New paradigm. The changing paradigm is the expansive activity of Creative Intelligence. Conscious change and renewing ideals supports the evolutionary awakening of The Whole Consciousness which is  the Ultimate Principle working in Life.

This guidance is not a mathematical science but a Metaphysical application of numerical triangulations founded in the  teachings of Infinite Wisdom. I receive the information though my practice of meditation and communion in Divine Counsel. This column serves the purpose of expressing guidance and mediation for understanding one’s soul purpose. I will be drawing from the symbology of the numbers involving the date, day, month and year on a daily basis.

Every day is a unique Blessing and I hope to inspire other to realize the Power that comes with being true to your own individual life purpose. In such truism one opens the door to understanding how the power of Love heals all.

Have fun! And here we go, a little preface to begin with;

We are in the millennia 2000…

2 signifies balance that comes in reflecting that which is true. Significant implications for the number 2 include; faith, knowing what to believe in, equanimity, equality, harmony and perfect understanding.

0 signifies totality; Implications are fulness, fulfillment, wholeness, completion and associative knowingness of that which is All powerful in all.

1 signifies initiation; Implications are initial starting place, initiation, being the initiate, implicit thought, intentionality and individuality and/or singularity.


3 signifies collaboration; Implications are that of a unified principle, serving that which serves all, The Trinity, higher mindedness applied to worldly experiences, working in unified understanding.

4 signifies stability; Implications are balance in the physical, principle strength manifested, basis of understanding which includes celestial wisdom and cosmic continuity. The Heavenly Manifestation, the terra-firma, that which is manifested on earth.

5 signifies change; Implications indicate the transformative principles at work, shifting internal workings and core mechanics, proving and improving, the activity of perfecting,discerning the truth of Power, the practice of transforming through the use of Creative Intelligence.


6 signifies what has come to be;

7 signifies the path chosen;

8 signifies Infinite reason;

9 signifies the realization of The Divine Working in all;

This year brings great opportunity to Life for all who live in awareness of that which brings fullness to the active heart.

Remember; True Love abides within.


20 Responses to “for what It’s worth” – daily guidance

  1. for what It’s worth 1,1,2020

    Welcome to The New Year!

    You have every reason to believe Great Good is afoot. Faith in The Singular Providence of Greater Good will insure that your Life is full of on every plane. Remember that you are The Individualization of determinate will living in the physical realm where Creative occurrence is taking place all the time. You are the energy center connected to the Source which Creates all things through your belief; So as It’s trajectory your Faith that It is Creating what ever enables you to live a good Life grantees that Good Life will manifest.

    This year is the dawning of a decade in which determinate awareness on the part of each individual will be affecting the shape that things that are actualizing in the world. The world is not creating you, your thinking is creating the reality that you experience while walking upon the earth. This is so because you are a vessel of imagining through which the Creator seeks to manifest the very best that you can imagine and ultimately The Perfect Reality.

    You came to your incarnation for the purpose of co-Creating and The Creative Principle works miraculously at the frequency of pure ecstasy. Create in your mind the atmosphere of Peace, Harmony, Joy and acceptance that All is Good and you become the expression of Pure Creative Essence which is ecstatic and boundless. This is the Condition/status of The working, Creative Principle. Dwell in The Goodness, feeling Good and all becomes Good.

    You have entered into a contract as an incarnate being to fulfill your understanding of being One in unity consciousness with The One Source of All. Be Clear, keep your balance and harmony in unison with The Divine Mind which is the Providence of The Universe. Let your mind be wholly One with It. All The Time. Accept The Goodness of The Universe as your own.

    Core Purpose;
    You live in The Temple of Divine Manifestation where your belief is actualizing as The Harmony that you hold in your heart…

  2. for what It’s worth 2,1,2020

    This entire month challenges you to maintain your peace of mind, balance in harmony and faithful outlook. That is to say that you are the personification of The Divine Mind and only you can keep your connection alive. Stay centered in believing that you are the beneficiary of Infinite Goodness and you will experience Infinite Good. Keep a clear view of being the vessel of Divine Providence and bountiful blessings will flow through you unimpeded. Hold your belief in Miraculous resolutions, solutions and benevolence and you will be the instrument of Miracles.

    Core Purpose;
    You are on The Path of your own choosing

  3. for what It’s worth 2,4,2020

    This is a Beautiful day to get in touch with the Magic of Being! Take a look at the fact that you are a Miracle, notice the Miracle that breathes you and amp up your appreciation to maximize the Miracles that are coming your way… And don’t for one second loose sight of knowing that The Miraculousness is flowing freely and easily to the exact place in which you are living.

    Core Purpose;
    You are a Magical Being completely sustained by Magical Powers

  4. for what It’s worth 2,5,2020

    Your words, thoughts and meditations are pure Magic. If you speak of hardship change your words for you are the voice of Divine intonation. If you think something is wrong change your mind for you are the mind of Creative Intelligence. If you feel discordant change your perspective and within to That Secret Place of The Most High for you are the expression of Life’s Magic.

    Core Purpose;
    Your are The Vessel of Miraculousness

  5. for what It’s worth 2,6,2020

    Put your sense of appreciation to good use, recognize that Life is a gift and give yourself the karmic boost of accepting that all is working for a Greater Good. Be The One who determines the fact that all beings are meant to experience the fullness of Life and realize It’s Unlimited Promise. Understand that you alone have the power to claim the Principle of knowing The Law of Good is delivering to you and to all who exist the very best of possibilities. Your tool is acceptance. Allow The Giver to give, accept that the Law of Good is providing what ever you are willing to allow into your Life. Trust that The Power manifesting is working through your belief that It is so.

    Core Purpose;
    Your’s is the Soul of The Divine Mind

  6. for what It’s worth 2,8,2020

    You are living in The Divine Reality experiencing Being at the very center of Creative occurrence connected to The Creator which is forever Prospering in nature… Meaning you are Prosperity in action. Abundance is an essential part of your being and you are All That Is. So instead of wanting; Shift into the assimilating thoughts of accepting. Enter into the realization of knowing that everything Good for you is being now manifested through your activity of accepting, allowing the Source to deliver. Believe whole heartedly with conviction that all of your good desires are actualizing now and let It in.

    Core Purpose;
    You are Infinite Potential living in the physical realm where Divine ideas take shape

  7. for what It’s worth 2,9,2020

    The Truth is written on your Soul, you are a Divine Being and an energy center of Creative Intelligence. Today is a fine day to realize that your Purpose is Miraculous and ineffable. You do not need to accomplish great things, you are already the energy center manifested by the Greater Power through the absolute Law of Good actualizing and creating the very best of everything. Bring yourself into alignment with The Power that is Greater than you are and trust that It is actualizing what ever you choose to believe. Believe in Good and you will experience Goodness. Allow yourself to feel whole.

    Core Purpose;
    You are The Child of The Universal Power of Good

  8. for what It’s worth 2,10,2020

    Imagine that you are in the exact and perfect moment in time and point in space where everything Good is simply actualizing this instant. Allow yourself to feel the splendor of your dream, dwell in the goodness of knowing that all your desires in Life are magically fulfilled, well up in the joy of It All. This is how to co-Create! Don’t think too much, don’t let circumstantial details interfere with the joyousness that comes from knowing that All Is well. Keep your focus on being Present while living in The Presence.

    Core Purpose;
    You are in the unique position of allowing All of The Good of The Universe to provide all the very best in Life

  9. for what It’s worth 2,11,2020

    Today is full of amplifying energy offering the perfect frequency to align with The Power of The Creator; Alignment with Creative Intelligence opens The Ultimate Gateway to beauty, harmony, peace, joy and right action. Your conviction and assurance of living in the Divine Mind of The Creator is the key. Let go of worldly perceptions and enter into the realization that All is unfolding perfectly in this moment in accordance with your inner feeling/believing that It Is So. You cannot doubt The Magnificence Creating all and still experience The Splendor of Life. You must allow your sensibility to rest in The Greater Truth That All Is Good in The Creative process of the Universe. Remember, you are part of It’s working and the instrument of It’s Promise; Your faithful practice and diligent alignment in knowing all that The Infinite Mind of Intelligence can do makes anything possible.

    Core Purpose;
    You are The Mind of Infinite potential

  10. for what It’s worth 2,12,2020

    Bring yourself to a state of calm, allow yourself to believe that All is working in perfect Divine order and accept whole heartedly that there is really no other purpose or way to serve; Stay in process and trust that all is taken care of, that all is unfolding perfectly and you become the Instrument of Divine Will. Keep your sensibility aligned in the comfort of knowing That All Is Well and you create the opportunity to witness and experience the very best Life has to offer.

    Core Purpose;
    You are on a course of Divine fulfillment in which all is given without let or hindrance

  11. for what It’s worth 2,13,2020

    The biggest challenge you face is your memory consciousness, the memory tells you what you have to fear and what there is to worry about… But, the truth is that these outlooks are simply conditioned memory that cause you to recycle old stories about powers that you do not really possess such as control over the worldly. The Power that you do have is the power to live in conscious awareness in the Present. Choose to live in wakeful awareness knowing that The Creative Power is unfolding for you the Life that you are imagining now. Stay tuned in to the Miraculousness of imagining Great Good actualizing in this very moment.

    Core Purpose;
    The you realize that you are the imaginative component existing in the moment of Creative occurrence where Life is unfolding your personal Power becomes Infinite potential

  12. for what It’s worth 2,14,2020

    You have the Power to bring yourself into the Perfect realization. You can choose to feel The Presence within you and you can dwell there feeling the harmony and the resonance of knowing that you are One with the Consciousness of The Presence… When you do this you eliminate all problems and find that you really exist in The Heavenly realm where All is Good all the time. Let It Be.

    Core Purpose;
    Letting go of complicated notions and beliefs sets you free

  13. for what It’s worth 2,15,2020

    Keep heart, you are a part of the Greater plan which is a plan of promises fulfilled, splendor and ecstasy realized. The way to this place of splendor, ecstasy and fulfillment is though your own awareness of being part of The Greater Whole. Allow the Creator to manifest through your belief that It is the Source and Omnipotent Power which provides for you completely and unerringly. Change any thoughts of hardship and toil to ideas of Infinite Potential manifesting in the moment and keep your thought straight of this process.

    Core Purpose;
    Belief is everything

  14. for what It’s worth 2,16,2020

    It is The Creative Principle of The Universe that causes all things too manifest. You are an already manifested individual with creative intelligence which makes you the director of what the Creative Principle will manifest in your Life. How you direct your thoughts and imaginings is what causes the Creative principle to manifest the life that you lead. Let your thoughts and imaginings be optimistic and full of promise. Don’t worry the small stuff (or anything at all for that matter). Keep your heart full of appreciation and promise imagining the best and trust that the best that Life has to offer is now actualizing in your Life.

    Core Purpose;
    You own optimal thought frequency draws to you optimal dynamics

  15. for what It’s worth 2,17,2020

    Believing in yourself is really a matter of believing in All That you are. You are an extension of the Creative Power and you came here to imagine and subsequently experience the Greatest Good. Your path and purpose are one in the same, you are here to realize the fact of being an outlet for the manifesting Power of Creative-Infinite Intelligence. Keep your channel clear, focus on being the instrument of Creative Intelligence, allow the Good to come into your Life. Align and allow yourself to believe and to feel that only Good is coming forth through you into this world.

    Core Purpose;
    It is your alignment in feeling Good that serves the Greatest Good

  16. for what It’s worth 2,18,2020

    Steady your ship, take care with your sensibility. Remember that your senses are your guiding mechanism showing you the way to calm, peace and harmony. Calm, peace and harmony are the Creative aspects of your thinking process. Allow yourself to recognize that you exist and are sustained by the Grace of The Divine/Infinite Power and It’s providence. Be accepting and grateful… All is Well for those who believe that It Is So!

    Core Purpose;
    Your positive thinking and faithful ideals are already effecting The Greater Good

  17. for what It’s worth 2,19,2020

    Put joy in your heart, think of The Miraculousness of Nature and be grateful. Be still and let the Secret of Life penetrate your senses and fill you with wonder. Know that your practice of devotion entering into the realization of Life’s amazing grace is your very best work always.

    Core Purpose;
    When you dwell in The Splendor Life becomes splendid

  18. for what It’s worth 2,20,2020

    If you believe that everything is going to work out perfectly it will. Let go of any grasp on how you think it should go and allow for some Magic and even a bit of mystery… This latitude will create an expansive atmosphere that provides room for Greater, Richer and Fuller unimaginably-Infinite possibilities.

    Core Purpose;
    You are the outlet through which Infinite Promise is manifested

  19. for what It’s worth 2,21,2020

    Trust in The Divine working of the Universe, trust in being The Divine and focus on working with The Universal Source of All. Start with allowing It to be the Providence accepting that All in Life is given. Take care not to concern yourself with trusting others, others are not your Source of anything. Be strong in your faith, recognize that you are the child of the Universe… Open your mind and accept All The Good that Life has in store for you. Align your thoughts and dreams with receiving and in believing that you are The Miraculous vessel of Miraculousness and be happy.

    Core Purpose;
    Life’s Pure action is beauty, harmony, peace, joy and good mindedness

  20. for what It’s worth 2,22,2020

    The Magic of the Infinite is always at work working ceaselessly through all avenues of conductivity that give It leeway. The ground gives leeway to the seed, the seed gives leeway to the nourishing of the elements, air, water, minerals etc. Let your subconscious mind give leeway to all your ultimate ideas and your imagination leeway to nourish them. See your subconscious mind as the fertile plane from which all fruition emerges. Be still in the process believing in perfect possibilities and stay focused on what your heart desires. Allow the nourishing of your ideal imaginings feed them. Do not doubt! Doubt upsets the soil of the fertile mind and the nourishing of the emotional imaging that takes place when dreaming your perfect Life. Live in The Splendor of perfect possibilities.

    Core Purpose;
    You are the trajectory of Infinite Possibilities unfolding. All you need is to believe in the perfect unfolding

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