All is unfolding as we think.

Each of us is a wondrous part of the manifesting consciousness which creates all things. Our individual thoughts are manifesting our personal circumstances.  Every person is the individual imagined being brought forth from the causal Mind of Creation. In that image, we too are creating in our own causal minds. Our thoughts manifest ideally when in alignment with the magnificent laws of Creation. We are what we choose to believe, experiencing what we imagine.

Beneath the surface intelligence is the subconscious, reflective mind that stores our memories. Memories which have been impressed upon the soul throughout life times and eons, memories which are meant to teach us about a Greater Good. Our feelings of desire also reside in the subconscious, compelling a reactive response to life’s conditions and circumstances.

With or without a clear conscience, emotional feeling in us is compelling expressive thought which in turn manifests on the screen of space taking shape in one’s personal life. The projector of our imagination taking shape is motivated and actualized by our feelings and beliefs. Our feelings are a part of the subconsciousness intellect which creates. Feelings cause the Greater power manifesting for us to manifest that which we believe and imagine. The philosopher Rene Descartes stated “I think therefore I am”, which is the very idea perceived as a fundamental basis of all personal  knowledge. I declare This is the Law of Creation! To further support this understanding of the power of reverent Thought and resonate feelings in thinking is the teaching of Jesus who said “as you believe so it shall be done unto you”.

The  more information we have about the working of the Universal Power in relation to the part that we play in the Greater scheme of things the better we become at discerning what The Truth is. It is in our expressing the Truth that we server the Creative Intelligence. Our individual discerning empowers us and enables us to consciously contribute momentum to the creative Power working through us. Personal will power (discerning) sets us up with the ability to work in correlation with the Creative power governing and manifesting throughout the Universe.

The Genesis of this World, began well before humanity came to walk upon it. It seems evident that being a part of Creation serves a greater. There is great purpose of knowing oneself for the sake of evolving one’s thinking mind so that one may master one’s own consciousness and come willingly to serve the Greater purpose of Creation.  Evolving our own personal reason in harmony and conjunction with the Greater consciousness opens doors to understanding the eminent nature of Divine intent.  We have the power to choose our thoughts and to select the ideas which resonate with working of The Universal substance which is in essence the Divine Mind creating perfectly all that is.

Let us realize that there is a Power Greater than we are and that we are each individual reflections of That Greater consciousness which is creating ‘for’ us, through us and ultimately in harmony with our own way of thinking. Our’s is a path of illuminated thought and each is illumined by the Power that is Greater than us, let’s call It Source energy. You, like all other beings chose to come forth into the physical realm for the sake of co-creating a delicious and splendid experience . The more perfectly we know ourselves as part of the All Knowing perfect power of Creation, the better we understand how to  perfect our World as co-creators. It is a matter of what consciousness we choose to serve.

It is left to us to perfect ourselves, to realize that the Whole consciousness simply operates as it does.  It is Good and our reliance on it is all powerful and understanding this is our ultimate purpose in life.

Cause and Effect… The Greater Power of Creation is the causal back of all in life, sustaining and manifesting all. Our insight and resonate understanding of  how It works is our own individual cause of effect creating the consequences that we come to experience.  Such are the teachings of Greater awareness that have been delivered to us through the ages. Life is providing us the opportunity to realize the optimal experience; All is a personal choice.

We are each a part of the Whole, Greater reason in Life. The lesson upon us is the mastery of our individual reason enabling us to direct thoughts with Divine awareness into the greater whole. Or….

Suffer the pain of consequences that come from not relating in awareness to the totality governing all.  If we stay trapped in subjugated emotional bindings we block our own greatest potential and we run the risk of not recognizing the Power we really have.

We embark upon a new Era unlike any other. We are entering a truly ‘Golden Age’ in this Genesis of the world as humanity. The “Great Awakening” is upon us. As a race we stand on the threshold of a dawning paradise which has been prophesied since the beginning of humankind. Each being and every being is part of the unfolding of miraculousness.

Knowledge of  the Universal Law of Good is personified in each individual as the Tree of Life imbuing us with the Power to flourish. You have the power to choose to stand up as a ‘pillar of wisdom’ in applicable understanding in the Temple of your own existence now. Your Partnership in Truth revealing the secrets of Creation is your own choice. The perfect destiny will be revealed to your through your practice of indwelling. You can trust that the Universe is Divinely Ordered and It is waiting for your participation and faith.

May your Knowledge of the Highest Good always be the light that guides you.

Much love to all,

Mendy Lou                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Spiritual Scientist