Hand Reading

   When I came across an old publication of William Benham’s LAWS of SCIENTIFIC HAND READING,  40 some years ago  I felt like I had discovered a soulful companion and a certain treasure. I had an instant affininty for the subject as well as a compelling desire to know what secret power the doctrine held. The author was a Physician of the Victorian Period and his study of 40 years became a solid foundation for the development of my own expertise and capabilities.

In the western world during the Victorian era, Palm reading was considered a novelty and a mere parlor game. But even today the Science of Medicine refers to the hands for indicators of health and well-being. I have found much compatability in the study of the Science of Hand Reading, and my 40 years of devotion to the practise has precipitated an ability to associate much about the influences brought to bare upon the human character. Myknowledge on the subject includes the studying thousands of hands and reading several books.  

The art of Palmistry brings studied wisdom as to the nature of the life spirit which is expressed through the individual, and how the individual is impacted by the circumstances of their existence. I will see parental influence and community effects upon the basis of character and the strengths and vulnerabilities of the personality. In the palm is evidence as to how one applies themselves to the world through their sense of humanity, and intellectual reasoning. The logistic nature of Palmistry allows an adept practitioner to identify specific idiosyncracies in  mentality and the effect that they bring to the creative impetus and innovative character of the possessor. I endeavor help one to identify with the individual direction of will and passion, and specific effects of family, friends and conditions which influence ones personal drive and direction. My years of experience in the study allow me to offer a discerning perspective about life and possibilities ahead.

As a Spiritual being and advisor, my mastery and disciplines imbue my work with hope to a better understanding of spiritual science. I bring a solidifying grasp and innate perspective of the illuminated emissions generated, transmitted and received by each form of life that I witness. It is my desire to contribute to the evolutionary understanding for all humanity, that we may fully realize our individual power upon the Earth.

With the gift of discernment and an applicable understanding Palm Reading can become a character analysis that may help others realize greater clarity upon their own individual path in life. The hand is much like a map of the soul, displaying individual characteristics and personality traits. The practice allows me to see the psychological, intellectual and emotional character of the person in question, as well as a great deal of circumstantial evidence pertaining to successes and impediments along the course of ones life, and in accordance to the nature of the individual experiences.

Palmistry, offers a clear understanding of promise that can be realized through the nature of ones own talent and ability. Each of us is given inherent gifts with which we may prosper. My hope is to help you to recognize your greatest expectations through the product of your own willing direction.

Knowledge is power, I truly believe each of us is gifted with our own greater power to know the purpose for which we came and the power to put our best foot forward in returning to the Greater understanding.

As spoken by Masters and Prophets throughout the ages,  “know thyself”.

I have great hope that I may be of service,

Much love to you,


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