Whether apparent or not,  we are all perceptive, experiencing all kinds of subtle  inklings such as the ones that leave you saying , “I knew you were going to call” or “I was just thinking about you”…. The way I see it, we are often subject to much more noise than one might realize. We are bombarded by all kinds of junk bouncing around in the astral plane, bumping into our astral bodies, affecting our psyche and filling our heads with random thoughts. Most of us are unaware of any vulnerabilities, yet suddenly we become anxious or agitated, worried about something outside the already present field of focus, as if  thoughts or ideas invaded the mind, causing  the mind to own them, to respond, creating interaction between our minds and the energetics of the astral plane. Psychic interplay, staged on the astral plane of existence.

We are all equipped with an astral body which enables our spiritual consciousness to evolve by navigating the astral plane, which is one of the spiritual planes of existence co-existent in the greater consciousness.  The astral plane is like the Autobahn of cosmic consciousness, a clearing house of sorts, where we voice and air our thoughts and opinions, opening outwardly onto the thoroughfare of human reason, propelling our thought into the astral plane. With some of our thoughts we also create a specific destiny, such as when thinking of a particular individual. Some thoughts are just random opinions without any specific person in mind, which we release into the greater reality while  meandering in our minds, unaware that those thoughts take energetic form in the astral plane, energetically co-mingling… 

The more we visit a certain train of thought the more energy that is amassed in the astral plane, that mass of consciousness attaching itself to the amassed consciousness of others, whether to an individual or a collective consciousness of like minded thinkers, (those who have left their thoughts floating around out there). If the ideas are illuminating the collective consciousness is illuminating, if they are dense it is obstructive, if dark it would be oppressive, energy attracts energy.  

We are energetic, magnetic beings, emanating energetic signals and attracting to us what we will in our conscious minds. For example, think of Randy and Randy thinks of you. Willing thoughts will find a home in the minds of others that afford them accommodation, attaching to that which encourages it and then interacting, or tangling with the amassed bodies of thought in the astral plane, like magnets collecting magnetic elements.

So there you have it, we collect junk from astral plane. Unaware. Not always knowing if  it is right or wrong, attracting with our perceptive minds not discerning the wisdom or truth,  often listening with our vulnerabilities. Right now people believe in unseen catastrophes unfolding in the Greater reality, leaving us on the brink of inevitable doom and destruction of all kinds. Unwittingly, we could easily jump aboard a runaway vehicle of destructive mentality,  further polluting the astral plane. The pollution being our fears and anxieties of powerlessness, and perhaps prejudice and ignorance.

We are left with problems that are not entirely of our making (or so it seems), and we lack the power to understand what we can or should do about this worrisome universe we find ourselves to be a part of.

What makes us individual in the cosmic reality of greater consciousness is our will. Our will is our identity, our character and our power.

All of the negative energy and prognostications out there coupled with the fear imposed upon us by society’s doctrines are indeed a formula for disaster.

So, let us look at urgency here… It looks like their may be an urgent need to master a Greater understanding of what Cosmic integration really is and what it means to master one’s power to affect the Greater Reality starting with your own … belief. 

Perhaps if it is possible to be objective in our understanding of divine reality. We could exercise the power to deflect negative thoughts that collide with our astral bodies. Protect ourselves from the fears born of ignorance, such as those that negate the divine reality.

I believe there is an urgency to direct our goodwill into the astral plane consciously remembering that we too are a part of mystical phenomenon.

Let’s take responsibility for our thoughts, let’s create positive ideal, resolute ways of thinking. 

I believe the essence of All existence is Inspired and Creation is an ideal reality. I also believe we are a part of the miraculous phenomenon that is the source of all things, the Divine and ever expansive reality we call the Greater Consciousness and our responsibility is to master our own greater understanding. To be in  harmony with the creative All which includes all of us, and to integrate into the cosmic body that is the Universal Consciousness .

I Think there is a tremendous urgency to understand exactly what we are intended to do with our life force in this Infinite Universe. How could we be anything less than an intricate part of the Infinite reality? Look around at the miraculous, reflect upon the portent of Creation and of creative consciousness. And, realize the power to Be.

May all be blessed with creative ideas and inspired dreams. My hope is that each and every person realize the truth of the Universal Mind,

Love and Blessings,

Mendy Lou