I have a new location

The new location for my practice is; 216 10th Street SW Albuquerque, 87102 for an appointment call me @ 505 239 9824

Worried in Oneness

When life creeps up and the heart is stricken, it is a sign. It is a sign of separateness that comes from feeling cut off from the beauty of Source. Such is a weighty time of despair. In despair he human mind automatically reaches into the worldly, seeking after the things society teaches us as humanity to believe will supply… (more…)

Understanding the work of the Psyche

Each of us is an oracle of sorts, an extension of The All-knowingness of the Universe. And, each of us is an instinctive transmittal-reciever, picking up through sensory perception the transmission coming from all that is sending of vibrations. The psyche is the essence of the mind, the personal intelligence which learns through experience how to choose a  right course.… (more…)

Clarity is personal Power

To have a clear picture in your mind of how life is working, is the same as knowing the Power you have. No one else is having your experience and no one else is creating your life. To be able to recognize where you are and sort through what’s really going on around you allows you to choose the best… (more…)

Prosperity Is

…the manifestation of the Creative Consciousness taking shape. As the Universal Power of Creation prospers the planet, we in Life are given the opportunity to realize as individuals the way of manifestation through our own Prospering Thoughts. Our thought is a Creative assimilating process, unfolding for us our dreams and visions in connection with the Cosmic ‘Source’ energy      … (more…)

The Sun Always Shines

Upon the journey of the worldly, where the shadow darkness looms, there is but one purpose, to bring the Light . It is our destiny to recall and bring forth our true nature, to know the One we really are. We have come forth into Life to understand the significant power of the Mind, to master our own thinking process… (more…)

Hello and Welcome, I am pleased that you are here

This page is full of content and I wish to encourage you to scroll through with the hope that you will find information of interest and intrique that supports your personal course in life. I look forward to the possibilty of serving to guide you in furthering  your own greatest potential in life. You are a Blessed and uniquely gifted individual with talents unlike any other that belong to only you. You are an important… (more…)

2013 A Work of Love

This past year has allowed each of us to derive for ourselves a truer sense that we are all part of a tremendous change taking place. All of humanity is waking to understand the paramount necessity for each of us to understand the way to maintain personal awareness. We have all arrived at the same important place in time,  where All involving the evolution of human consciousness is creating a better… (more…)

Celestial Wisdom

Beneath all the noisy talk and crowded beliefs in the World surrounding the ideas of ‘Ascention’ and ‘Rapture’  lies the brilliant Truth. We are all Transcendant beings who came to this world for our individual purpose of self actualizating as Spirit.  Wisdom is the knowledge of the Truth of Life that each of us is, each of us is a part of the promise belonging to, of… (more…)


the soul in her perception, struggles to know her own beauty, until she remembers love within, until she forgets all hardships, when then she is reborn as love, in love with All