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Note to my Readers; current guidance is to be found at the bottom of the page, the last comment is the most current advice.

We are facing exciting times as Powerful Beings. As fantastic as it may seem, reality is that we exist in the atmosphere of Cosmic substance, we are the manifestation of Cosmic energy and we are continuously being informed by That which is Infinite Intelligence. At the same time each of us is Blessed with our own All Powerful All inclusive determinate will. The decisive power of free willing determination is our own complete and specific power with which we choose our thoughts. Choosing our thoughts and that which we believe is the activity that create for us our individual experiences. It is the personal power of determinate counsel which makes it possible for us to realize our own complete purpose and reason for being. As the One connected to the Creative Power of the Universe each of us has come to the incarnate world to master our own ability to choose thoughts and ideas that ultimately enable us to consciously draw all the Power we need  from On High. Everyone comes to the world to live in abundant good and to thrive in Spiritual awareness; All beings are here realize the truth of One’s own innate Creative Intelligence and to master an applicable understanding and therefor live the intended life of fulfillment.

My hope for this blog is to inspire others and to help to ready hearts in the changing paradigm that they may embrace the New paradigm. The changing paradigm is the expansive activity of Creative Intelligence. Conscious change and renewing ideals supports the evolutionary awakening of The Whole Consciousness which is  the Ultimate Principle working in Life.

This guidance is not a mathematical science but a Metaphysical application of numerical triangulations founded in the  teachings of Infinite Wisdom. I receive the information though my practice of meditation and communion in Divine Counsel. This column serves the purpose of expressing guidance and mediation for understanding one’s soul purpose. I will be drawing from the symbology of the numbers involving the date, day, month and year on a daily basis.

Every day is a unique Blessing and I hope to inspire other to realize the Power that comes with being true to your own individual life purpose. In such truism one opens the door to understanding how the power of Love heals all.

Have fun! And here we go, a little preface to begin with;

We are in the millennia 2000…

2 signifies balance that comes in reflecting that which is true. Significant implications for the number 2 include; faith, knowing what to believe in, equanimity, equality, harmony and perfect understanding.

0 signifies totality; Implications are fulness, fulfillment, wholeness, completion and associative knowingness of that which is All powerful in all.

1 signifies initiation; Implications are initial starting place, initiation, being the initiate, implicit thought, intentionality and individuality and/or singularity.


3 signifies collaboration; Implications are that of a unified principle, serving that which serves all, The Trinity, higher mindedness applied to worldly experiences, working in unified understanding.

4 signifies stability; Implications are balance in the physical, principle strength manifested, basis of understanding which includes celestial wisdom and cosmic continuity. The Heavenly Manifestation, the terra-firma, that which is manifested on earth.

5 signifies change; Implications indicate the transformative principles at work, shifting internal workings and core mechanics, proving and improving, the activity of perfecting,discerning the truth of Power, the practice of transforming through the use of Creative Intelligence.


6 signifies what has come to be;

7 signifies the path chosen;

8 signifies Infinite reason;

9 signifies the realization of The Divine Working in all;


This year brings great opportunity to Life for all who live in awareness of that which brings fullness to the active heart.

Remember; True Love abide within.





5 Responses to “for what It’s worth” – daily guidance

  1. for what It’s worth 11,1,2017

    Ignite your Power within, stoke the fiery furnace of Living Spirit that connects you to the Power Creating worlds. There is no Creator other that The One that is creating the Life you are now living.

    This 11th month is a gateway of opportunity for all incarnate souls. Simplify your beliefs, let go of burdensome notions of material power and align yourself in Understanding there is only the Universal Power of Creative Intelligence at work. You have the determinate will with which to align in knowing the Truth. Do It.

    Core Purpose;
    The basis in Understanding All is rooted in Well Being

  2. for what It’s worth 11,21,2017

    You are Divine Manifestation and the Power that Creates worlds is Divine Governance giving Life. You have It within hand to experience everything Good by simply believing in the Law of Good which is also the Law of Nature expanding It’s Grace where ever It may. Put your willingness to work allowing All That Is to manifest through you. Let All things be Divine, take pleasure in knowing that only Goodness rules the Universe manifesting in Glory. Align your senses in gracious acceptance and let It Flow. The choice is yours.

    Core Purpose;
    Your awareness is igniting ineffable Power, right now

  3. for what It’s worth 11,22,2017

    A Good day to fine tune your awareness and empower your direction. To help yourself in doing so get busy clearing your channel. It is impossible to have a clear connection with the Power Creating All Good things if your head is full of emotionality. When you feel angst it is a sign that you are picking up the negative thoughts and beliefs of others. You are a Magical Manifestation of Divine Life and there is nothing negative about IT. Your senses are guiding you to be Present in the Beauty where Life is unfolding as Perfectly as you will allow. Direct your Mind into knowing that All Abundance comes through your belief that All is Well and working out Perfectly.

    Core Purpose;
    Life’s experiences are guiding you to realize your own Magical Power

  4. for what It’s worth 11,23,2017

    Prosper in knowing the Power that gives you Life is your complete Source and supply. Well up in conscious Appreciation for the Magic that Life really is so that you may be lifted. Keep your heart and mind tuned into the Joy that raises Palms in the desert and swims fish in the ocean so you may be true. Open your heart in acceptance and allow The Limitless Magnificence live through you.

    Core Purpose;
    Abundance becomes yours when you proclaim It

  5. for what It’s worth 11,24,2017

    Remember that your rock and strength in Life is a matter of what you believe in your heart. Believe you’re safe and you will be. Believe everything is working out and It does. Believe that Abundant Good is flowing to you and flourish in All. Faith is the Power tool that makes All Good things happen in your world. The more you enrich your awareness believing in the Good moving through All, the more you have to offer others with whom you share this world.

    Core Purpose;
    You are Infinitude mastering your own awareness that It Is So

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