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Note to my Readers; current guidance is to be found at the bottom of the page, the last comment is the most current advice.

We are facing exciting times as Powerful Beings. As fantastic as it may seem, reality is that we exist in the atmosphere of Cosmic substance, we are the manifestation of Cosmic energy and we are continuously being informed by That which is Infinite Intelligence. At the same time each of us is Blessed with our own All Powerful All inclusive determinate will. The decisive power of free willing determination is our own complete and specific power with which we choose our thoughts. Choosing our thoughts and that which we believe is the activity that create for us our individual experiences. It is the personal power of determinate counsel which makes it possible for us to realize our own complete purpose and reason for being. As the One connected to the Creative Power of the Universe each of us has come to the incarnate world to master our own ability to choose thoughts and ideas that ultimately enable us to consciously draw all the Power we need  from On High. Everyone comes to the world to live in abundant good and to thrive in Spiritual awareness; All beings are here realize the truth of One’s own innate Creative Intelligence and to master an applicable understanding and therefor live the intended life of fulfillment.

My hope for this blog is to inspire others and to help to ready hearts in the changing paradigm that they may embrace the New paradigm. The changing paradigm is the expansive activity of Creative Intelligence. Conscious change and renewing ideals supports the evolutionary awakening of The Whole Consciousness which is  the Ultimate Principle working in Life.

This guidance is not a mathematical science but a Metaphysical application of numerical triangulations founded in the  teachings of Infinite Wisdom. I receive the information though my practice of meditation and communion in Divine Counsel. This column serves the purpose of expressing guidance and mediation for understanding one’s soul purpose. I will be drawing from the symbology of the numbers involving the date, day, month and year on a daily basis.

Every day is a unique Blessing and I hope to inspire other to realize the Power that comes with being true to your own individual life purpose. In such truism one opens the door to understanding how the power of Love heals all.

Have fun! And here we go, a little preface to begin with;

We are in the millennia 2000…

2 signifies balance that comes in reflecting that which is true. Significant implications for the number 2 include; faith, knowing what to believe in, equanimity, equality, harmony and perfect understanding.

0 signifies totality; Implications are fulness, fulfillment, wholeness, completion and associative knowingness of that which is All powerful in all.

1 signifies initiation; Implications are initial starting place, initiation, being the initiate, implicit thought, intentionality and individuality and/or singularity.


3 signifies collaboration; Implications are that of a unified principle, serving that which serves all, The Trinity, higher mindedness applied to worldly experiences, working in unified understanding.

4 signifies stability; Implications are balance in the physical, principle strength manifested, basis of understanding which includes celestial wisdom and cosmic continuity. The Heavenly Manifestation, the terra-firma, that which is manifested on earth.

5 signifies change; Implications indicate the transformative principles at work, shifting internal workings and core mechanics, proving and improving, the activity of perfecting,discerning the truth of Power, the practice of transforming through the use of Creative Intelligence.


6 signifies what has come to be;

7 signifies the path chosen;

8 signifies Infinite reason;

9 signifies the realization of The Divine Working in all;


This year brings great opportunity to Life for all who live in awareness of that which brings fullness to the active heart.

Remember; True Love abide within.





15 Responses to “for what It’s worth” – daily guidance

  1. mendy says:

    for what It’s worth 9,1,2017

    The ninth month opens a world of opportunity out before the conscious aspirant. This is the time when your best view of yourself works wonders. Hold a sincere appreciation for the gift of Life and maintain an ever renewing sense of wonder for the Magnificent Intelligence that makes It all possible; In this way you are doing your own best part which will lead you on the path of Perfect Understanding. Let your focus be directed toward working with the Miraculous Substance of Life and you set yourself upon the road that serves the Greatest Good everywhere and always.

    Core Purpose;
    When you reflect upon the nature that makes everything Right and Good all the time, you are a beacon for All

  2. for what It’s worth 9,7,2017

    Everything going on is a matter of Spirit Power, the Good Spirit is the One that thrives. So as the Individual commanding your own Spirit energy be keen in understanding that when you feel Good you are in your own true nature and Life naturally works for you. When you feel Joyous you are in your Highest frequency. When you rejoice you are living in the Praise of Creation and everything Good opens out before you.

    Core Purpose;
    Praise is the Glory which Prospers All

  3. for what It’s worth 9,8,2017

    Infinitude surrounds you, It is the stuff of Life, the substance not the things that It brings. Infinitude is beating your heart and giving Life to all beings. Your own infinite opportunity comes with recognizing that you have the ability to work with the Living Spirit that sustains you. Surrender all doubts and allow the Live streaming Consciousness of Abundant Good to move through your heart.

    Core Purpose;
    To demonstrate Abundant Good you must feel It, see It, know It at the very center of your being

  4. for what It’s worth 9,9,2019

    Thought is Creative energy, you are a Creative vortex energetically, your thoughts are taking shape. So let’s be very clear in understanding that your thinking is creating your reality. Your purpose in coming into the physical time-space continuum is to experience All of the Good Life has to offer. Now is the time to take responsibility for your own belief and command your own creative thinking in ideal ways so that you can lend your part in creating a loving and prosperous reality. Begin within, you deserve to realize your own Great reason for being. P.s. There are no limits.

    Core Purpose;
    All people are here to prosper one another

  5. for what It’s worth 9,10,2017

    I Am that I Am, I am a part of All that Is and All is Good. I am whole, complete and Infinitely Magnificent. I allow myself to dwell in the comfort of Knowing that the Expansive Power sustaining me is also expanding out before me in Perfect ways. I am free from worry and doubt, I rest in the Peace and Harmony of being One with All. As I believe in The All-Powerful, All-Knowing of the Universe I now It is working for me in the very best way possible. I let go, I let God and I give thanks with All my Heart.

    Core Purpose;
    Faith is simply a way of thinking… All is as well as you believe

  6. for what It’s worth 9,11,2017

    You are One with the Divine meaning you are already connected to the One Source that creates and sustains All. Now is the Perfect time to realize It. Let go, let go, let go of all the situations, circumstances and conditions. Let the Almighty Creative Power surge through you and actualize all that you hope for. Today is the Perfect Day to commit to staying awake and in alignment with the Creator which diligently breathes Life into your heart.

    Core Purpose;
    You are the Heart of God

  7. for what It’s worth 9,12,2017

    Not only can you rely on the unerring Divine Providence of the Creator to provide, but It’s ability to expand infinite opportunity and prosper you in Life means that for It to do so It must rely on you to believe… It is so. You are exactly where you need to be in order to realize how to raise your frequency to It’s highest most creative level.

    Core Purpose;
    Constant faith is what gives the Creative Power momentum in working for you

  8. for what It’s worth 9,13,2017

    Know that your own soul incarnate is the well-spring of. the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine. There is no avenue outside of your self conscious realization that can nourish and prosper you as richly as your innermost sense of being All That Is. Your Intelligence is the Divine Masculine with which you direct your Intentional thought. Give the Mother of Abundant resource All the Power She needs to nourish you by directing your thoughts into believing in the benevolence of All-Knowing innermost wisdom instilled in you and your own reason for being here.

    Core Purpose;
    The most Creative and Powerful emotion you have to wield is your feeling of Rejoicing, It’s the Magical Power of the Universe that manifests your dreams and visions outwardly

  9. for what It’s worth 9,14,2019

    Ponder this; You exist in the Temple, blessed by the Fullness, guided by the All-knowing, held in the Magic.

    Core Purpose;
    Everything is a gift that shows you the way to full appreciation

  10. for what It’s worth 9,15,2017

    This is a Good Day to align your mind with believing in the Miraculous All-Knowing All-sustaining Power of the Universe. Mind your practice of allowing Perfect possibilities to spring forth in your Life. Remember that in order for the Perfect Reality to take shape in your Life you must be willing to relax in the comfort of Knowing everything is working out Perfectly for you right now, and be willing to let go of thinking otherwise.

    Core Purpose;
    Perfect resolution occurs when you believe with a whole heart that All Is as Well as you believe It to be

  11. for what It’s worth 9,16,2017

    Notice how solid the ground upon which you stand is, how solid the trees, the rocks, your bones. The Power which gives all thing solidity also sustains their solidity. Be thoughtful in your appreciation for the Magic. Keep a keen mind, take nothing for granted, reach into the joy. The things we need to be sound and sure come with a conscious responsibility to take care and to be well in knowing the Blessings are a constant Source. Reverent appreciation is way one learns to wield Creative Power.

    Core Purpose;
    Life is the Magic that always is

  12. for what It’s worth 9,17,2017

    Today is a particularly self empowering day. Remember that in order to truly serve others you need to be in your own best mind. Take time to dwell within, not just today but as often as you can. Take a minute here and there to tune into the Magic that vibrates at the center of your being, allow the Goodness to bring you into Divine order.

    Core Purpose;
    You are All That Is

  13. for what It’s worth 9,18,2017

    It is a big part of your work of Love to bring yourself upright and proclaim your limitless potential and your Divine Inheritance. Feelings of limitation are only illusory parts of your personality that come from conditioning. But if you listening in the stillness, the voice of Infinitude will reveal to you All that is rich and abundantly Good and It will show you that you are meant to prosper; For when you prosper you live in your own true nature and naturally prosper All.

    Core Purpose;
    Understanding prosperity is also understanding that It’s up to you to let It come through

  14. for what It’s worth 9,19,2017

    Today is the Perfect day to recognize that you are a unique individual with your own ineffable power. It is your determinate power that gives you the freedom to imagine and believe in what ever you will and even more… You choose what you believe and It becomes your reality. Be thoughtful and mindfully aware, you are a Miracle sustained by Miraculous power. It’s for you to choose how you want to live and then watch It happen. Let today be the day you willingly choose to believe in endless promise of Perfect Possibilities.

    Core Purpose;
    It is your will in believing in optimal Goodness that delivers your dreams and wishes unto you

  15. for what It’s worth 9,20,2017

    Things are not necessarily what they seem to be. Understand that everything is changing constantly no matter what the appearances seem to indicate. The thing that changes with the most frequently is thought consciousness. So if you will allow your thoughts to change from undirected to intentional awareness you can practice simply being a witness. As a witness you can be content in imagining Great Good and then just sit back and watch your own Life change.

    Core purpose;
    Constant faith manifests constantly

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