the experience of having a reading

In welcoming you here,  I wish to express my gracious appreciation for that which brings us together. It is an honor to share with you the teachings that allow me to be of service and offer my assured understanding that  life is Divine in Nature and that we are spiritual beings living in a Greater Good. Within each of us an indwelling wisdom, our inner truth which allows us to be fully awake and participate  in the joyous reality that is our inherent reason for being. I am here to help you to call upon the good that you are, to recall the power of your own true nature and to help you direct your life force into that which serves the magnificent truth of your own being. In understanding the self as a whole being, the individual path is then realized bringing to us all good things in life.   

We will look into the circumstances of your life for the purpose of determining that which serves as the best of possibilities for your happiness. I am able to see how the circumstances and conditions are manifesting around you, I will not need for you to inform me or to coach me, I receive the information and it is up to me to reflect it back to you and bring non-biased discernment and clarity to the circumstances of your life, so you will feel better informed in the end. The nature of my work serves to nourish your understanding and encourage your well being while helping to clarify the best direction to take on your path to success  in life.

We are energetic, magnetic Spirit beings, conductors of life energies,  effecting and affected as part of the whole of all of the energies in our world.  As a Spiritual advisor, my purpose is to guardian the truth and help you to understand, and to know how to use your power in life so as enable and support your highest expectations, while also clarifying unworthy conditions that create hardship in your life. The greatest good in life, includes finacial wealth and abundant love  which is realized through the Heart-Mind consciousness, clear understanding of your Spirit power will ”prosper you’. Having come as Spirit into the world makes it possible for us to become masterful in understanding how to effectively use  the Creative Spirit as the constructive power to achieve Greatness.

The hands show the specific characteristics of the individual who is being read . They show me your tendencies and how your actions and methods of operation effect the conditions of your life, as well as how conditions have affected your personality. Palm reading is a thorough precise study, useful for clarifying individual purpose and applicability, it is great for guiding you toward success and fulfillment of your purpose and your dreams. The hands show your innate gifts and natural talents.  

Tarot is a study in the science of Hermetic principles (Universal Law) - based on a belief in a Greater Power Consciousness.  The Tarot is used as a tool for revealing informational guidelines as to how well you are navigating through the specific circumstance in your life. They work as a marker system which consists of symbolism used for directional guidance so as to show the way to maintaining mindful and  masterful consciousness. I use the Waite deck which is an depth study of Divine Law relative to social beliefs, they are based on Christian Orthodoxy (Biblical Doctrine). They work as a de-coding instrument which demonstrates how our intellectual/emotional development is effecting our Spiritual Awakening (or deafening). There is an uninformed belief surrounding Tarot Cards, that they are an un-Godly tool of some sort, however, the Tarot is actually founded in Christendom. A few keen exampe would be The Emperor as a depiction of the masculine Power of The God Head, Alpha, while the Empress is the feminine aspect of God, the Divine Mother, Omega. And then the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, a card which depicts the Book of Ezekiel from the Old Testament of the Bible, it exibits  the wheel inside of a wheel as seen by Ezekiel. The wheels where the devices of mobility for the four great living Spirits of God. Shown also on the card are the four faces that were upon each of the four individual Spirits,  the man, the eagle, the ox and the lion,  guardians of the four corners of Heaven.  The message of the card has to do with the way we invision the Power in our lives. The same faces are depicted in the book “Revelations” and re-appear in the deck on the card of  ’The World’, which signifiies the Truth of total awareness, and the realization of Greater Consciousness, as in “Revelations” where the truth of the Knowledge of Spirit becomes the “gateway to the Golden City” and the kingdom of the Divine. 

There is much to know about the wonders of the true magic in life, the Mystical Truth of Divine Alchemy and the blessed nature of the life we live.

We are heading into a brilliant New World and we are living in a time of great change, I look forward to sharing  Knowledge and Truth of The Illumination’s Flame on the path of life.  Blessings to All.  

In love,
Mendy Lou

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