The Future is Ours

All is unfolding as we think.

Each of us is a wondrous part of the manifestating consciousness which creates. Our individual thoughts manifesting our personal circumstance,  we are after all the image brought forth from the causal Mind of Creation. In that image, we too are creating in our own causal minds. Our thoughts manifest in alignment with the universal laws of Creation. We are what we choose.

Beneath the surface is the subconscious, reflective mind that stores our memories. Memories which have been impressed upon the soul. Our feelings of desire also reside in the subconscious, compelling our reactive responses to life’s conditions. With or without clear conscience, emotional feeling is compelling expressive thought which manifests the pictures borne of our own feeling beliefs. Our feelings are a part of the whole subconsciousness intellect that creates, the Greater power manifesting for us that which we believe. Rene Descartes stated “I think therefore I am”, which is the very thought perceived as the foundation of all knowledge. I declare This is be the Law of Creation, furthered and previousl delivered to us through the teachings of Jesus when he said “as you believe so it shall be done unto you”.

The  more information we have the better we become at applying truth through our own discernment, contributing to the power of Creation.

The Genesis of this World, began well before humanity came to walk upon it. It seems somewhat evident that being a part of Creation serves the purpose of knowing ourselves for the sake of evolving our thinking mind into consciousness that willingly serves Total Awareness.  Evolving our reason into perfect intent, reflecting the Greater consciousness, therefore creating within ourselves understanding which is nessesary for  enabling  our integration with “The” Creative Power existent over all. The more perfectly we know ourselves as part of the all knowing perfect power of Creation, the better we understand how to  perfect our World as co-creators. It is a matter of what consciousness we serve, the reason of Divine consciousness, the reason of Human consciousness or the Total Consciousness….

It is left to us to perfect ourselves, to realize that the Whole consciousness simply operates as it does. Our individual purpose is our own. 

Cause and Effect… The Greater Power of Creation is the causal back in life, our relative understanding of It is responsive nature of effect, causing the conditions in which we live.  These are the teachings of Greater awareness through the ages, in essence, the karmic journey in the world of form.

We are a part of the Whole, the greater reason. The lesson is to master our individual reason so that we may direct it with Divine awareness into the greater whole. Or….

Suffer the pain of consequences that comes from not relating in awareness to the total Consciousness from whence we came, the All Knowing Power of life. If we stay trapped, subjugated by emotional reason, we are blocking our greatest potential.  We then run the risk of not recognizing the Power we have, The Power of life, which is the cause in the greater scheme of things and our own Greater Intellegence indwelling. The knowledge of this is quickly becoming the catalyst for failure or success through the world.

We are embarking upon a new Era unlike any other. We are entering the true ‘Golden Age’ of the Genesis as human kind in the World. The “Great Awakening” is upon us, that which has been prophesied for thousands of years. Each being in life is part of the unfolding miraculousness. 

Knowledge personified as the Tree of Life, is the flourishing power enabling life, as descerning consciousness applied willingly. Every being able to stand up as a ‘pillar of wisdom’ in the Temple of existence, here in lies the revealing truth of Our perfect destiny in the already existent Divine Order.

I have read the prophesy in which it is said; ” the tree of life..  is the gateway to the Golden City” 

I know in my own heart that the Science of Spirit is Divine Alchemy, and the gift of life for us to apply.

May Knowledge of the Highest Good always be the light that guides you.

Much love to all, 

Mendy Lou                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Spiritual Scientist

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